2 most important things you should know about the best 6V RV battery?

With the popularity of rv, rv travel has become more and more popular. More and more people begin to enjoy rv bring them life, but travel saloon car also has a lot of headaches, such as saloon car. The emergence of lithium ion battery, solve the problem of the rv electricity greatly. Lithium ion batteries as rv important energy storage equipment, its performance than conventional lead-acid batteries, also get the favour of saloon car owners. So today we will talk about 2 most important things about the best 6v RV battery.

In the rv used in 6v RV battery is safe?

From a myriad of new energy vehicles and spontaneous combustion fire accident, people learn about the lithium ion battery can be spontaneous combustion in certain conditions. This is the lithium ion battery, especially the chief drawback of ternary lithium ion battery. Lithium iron phosphate batteries should be more stable, is the first selection of rv replacement lithium ion battery. Whether ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate, common defect is in the event of thermal runaway, the battery will be intense burning, it is difficult to go out.

Rv in lithium ion batteries are usually located in lateral lockers above or chassis. Once had a car accident or accident of extrusion, will directly result in changes of lithium ion battery internal structure, and cause internal short circuit, the secondary damage to us.

Many owners have for rv installed a large capacity lithium ion battery. Rv electricity, the first thing to consider is the safety of the electricity. Car driving safety aspects: the one is the safety of the battery, the battery can withstand the bumpy road. This is on the one hand, on the other hand is a saloon car parked at the time of the electric safety. Including the large current discharge, summer high temperature resistant capacity of a battery, winter low temperature resistant capacity of the best 6v RV battery.

If you use the lithium iron phosphate batteries, how do you know the best 6v RV battery is good or bad? There is a simple method, that is, power density identification method. Power battery is the same model. Whose weight is light, the lighter the better, the more the worse, second-hand battery may also be, or the battery itself is inferior battery. At present, the good quality of LiFePo4 battery power density can be in more than 130, usually at around 100.

safe in RV lithium battery

Best 6v RV battery how to charge correctly?

1. Do not frequent charging and discharging

Lithium iron phosphate battery almost no memory. The depth of the charge and discharge is a lot of people in a big error when using lithium ion batteries. Is nearing the end of the service life of lithium ion batteries battery failure can occur easily, and so on and so forth, so as to cause an accident.

2. Don't overcharge, discharge, charge and discharge current is too large

Some owners often like to best 6v RV batteries recharging after a full charge for a period of time. Their equipment, it seems, resistance time will be longer. But most car owners don’t understand is, for a long time there will be a charge and discharge. Can also lead to serious damage and destruction of lithium ion battery performance, serious fire, explosion, etc.

3. The use of form a complete set of special charger

Lithium ion batteries are strictly prohibited from discharging terminal charge, must use the special charger from charging. When the charge on the charger indicates a stop rolling, please remove the plug, in order to prevent the battery overcharge.

char RV lithium battery


1. Therefore, such best rv lithium battery must be equipped with high-precision battery protection panels, and electric cars are specially equipped with battery management systems. Purpose is, as far as possible to prevent the battery thermal runaway protect battery and maximum control accidents. In a word, can be determined only lithium ion batteries is safer.

2. Finally, when the battery is not in use for a long time, be sure to turn off all the power supply on the rv and check whether the battery still has discharge current. If you don’t shut down all electrical appliances, even if the quantity is small, the battery will run out. Although the best 6v RV battery built-in the discharge protection function, but long-term zero charging shelve will seriously affect the service life of the lithium iron phosphate batteries. Recommended choice after touring car, power supply mode is a camp or the station, the second is the generator. Lithium ion battery should not be more than 800 ah.

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