What size the RV is suitable for lithium battery for camper van?

1. Adding a lithium battery for the camper van can solve the problem of the power of the RV.

2. How many batteries need to be installed in order to meet the daily power consumption?

3. The solar panel is necessary?


This is a concern for the drivers to a few questions. In fact, the saloon car power system is not so simple. Today, Maxworld takes you to rediscover a saloon car.

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1. The difference between the rv electricity and residential electricity

Housing is only pure “distribution” and “utility”, and RV is a complete system of electric power. The electric power system is divided into “three sections of seven rings”. Three plate includes power generation, energy storage, and utilization; Including seven aspects: power transmission – charging – storage – – distribution – power inverter.

2. How can I solve the low battery of my rv?

Camp saloon car industry development in China under the background of relatively lags behind, we face a very “lack of access to electricity” problem. So, in our understanding of the RV dynamic system of “three periods of seven links”, we have the car power system reformation has roughly one direction.

3. The barrel effect - the RV dynamic system balance theory

RV lithium battery

“Barrel * short board determines the whole bucket of water.” Rv dynamic system of the three sections of the seven links cannot be short, any short link will cause waste of the rest part. For saloon cars, the purpose of the electric power system reform is to eliminate short boards and balance.

4."How much money do you need? Barrels?" with "power" push "bucket"

Then we’re the whole power system should be how to match? How many “buckets” right? The theory of “bucket” is better, but considering the price, the overall space utilization, RV, lightweight, and many other factors, the “bucket” should be moderate, just enough.

5. Learn to reasonable use electricity

Rv power co., LTD. In pursuit of higher cost performance and balanced space utilization, we must learn to reasonable utilization. Reasonable utilization follows one basic principle: “try to use alternative energy sources of electricity and electrical appliances more”. After all, the car is not at home. Although RV travel can bring us convenience, some of the functions and shortcomings are inevitable. We can only do our best to save electricity.

Reasonable utilization and a principle: “pay-as-you-go”, don’t overdraft. Rv electricity is limited, so living within our means is very important! For ordinary lead-acid batteries, putting two or three times is enough to completely discarded batteries. Therefore, to try to choose a good cost performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

6. What are the specific projects and contents of the rv power system transformation?

Yellowstone RV Trip

Finished touring car power system design more camp in the developed countries spread model. Therefore, once they leave the camp, RV is hard to meet the basic demand for electricity. Electric power system reform is particularly important. Electric power system reform is the rational utilization of new energy sources; The second is to fill short boards and break through the bottleneck.

The RV lithium iron phosphate battery by: a battery, overcharge, discharge protection system, monomer balance control system, cabinet, and so on, and individual manufacturers for temperature protection systems installed the batteries maintenance interface. Rv with lithium iron phosphate battery with safe and reliable, small volume, light weight, without charge, long service life, and many other advantages. As a kind of new energy got popularity in the field of car power. Perfect solution RV “store” link in the process of the electric power system.

As a kind of clean energy, solar panels, reasonable use of the roof space, reduce the heat inside the car, and continuously convert light energy into electrical energy. “Zero” storage type power although seemingly, can’t see the continuous accumulation of quantitative accumulation. Recharging the battery maintenance is particularly important. Can effectively extend the life of the lithium battery for the camper van.

7. Among the link, two link is easy to ignore the "transmission" and "distribution".

Piezoelectric routing selection and line loss and other factors make the RV transmission line has a lot of space. Many products RV tend to have control of distribution circuits of switches, relays, etc. These two have a lot of places to optimize. Should focus on reducing upgrade transformation “run” drops.

In addition, chargers, inverters, solar controllers, and many other pieces of equipment selection are extremely important. Still can effectively eliminate the drawbacks, and increase the “bucket” in the water.


To sum up, only the good habits of RV electricity and scientific and rational power system support, ensure the quality of life of RV.

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