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Battery For Solar Street Lighting


Standard Lineup

• Nominal 12.8V as typical voltage
• Capacity from 15Ah ~ 21 Ah
• Standard BMS with options for charging and discharging current (subject to engineering approval)


• Safest lithium chemistry with high energy density
• Built-in intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) for battery protection from overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and over-temperature.
• Efficient & long-lasting service life
• Plug & play replacement

Cleaning energy, wiring task free, battery with maintenance free and long lifespan are the advantages of solar lighting.
We offer a variety of battery selections depending on requirements.

Custom Manufacturing

  • Custom storage battery of different operating voltage, capacity etc.
  • Custom production from cells selection, BMS to enclosure etc.
  • MultipleCommunication Protocols: RS485, RS232, CAN, SNMP V3 Available
  • Unlimited Units Parallel Supported
  • Trusted and Reliable BMS out sousing suppliers


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Maxworld pride us on our excellent R&D team and strong creativity, with the most advanced facilities, strict ISO standard manufacturing process, efficient management, and the awareness of being a leader in battery industry, committed to manufacturing and design LiFePO4 and lithium batteries and integrated battery packs for green energy storage systems. Focusing on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provide best battery solutions for solar energy storage systems, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V marine and RV energy systems, battery for solar street lighting and so on.