What should we know about campervan lithium battery?

A lot of friends before buying an rv will worry about the power of the rv, including self-contained trailer and trailer, so how to solve the problem of electricity? At present, the car can be divided into the external power supply, electricity generators, solar panels, batteries, etc. Lead acid battery or campervan lithium battery? Today, in this article, we will mainly discuss the selection of the RV batteries.

Where does the RV power come from?

Saloon cars, the engine to produce power will directly for saloon car battery. Car and house start battery and battery life is independent of each other, each other in use process will not loss. In simple terms, a moving vehicle in the process of dynamic reserves and output depends on the starting batteries; The living quarters of the household electrical appliances, lighting equipment and life is dependent on the battery life. At present the use and maintenance of automotive starter battery has clear rules, but the battery life is ambiguous, the following will introduce you to the battery service life.

Battery type

There are two kinds of battery: lead-acid battery and campervan lithium battery. Lead-acid batteries are cheap, lithium batteries are expensive.

Advantages and disadvantages of lead-acid batteries:

Lead-acid battery is a battery, the main electrode made of lead and its oxide electrolyte for sulfuric acid solution. Lead-acid batteries in the condition of discharge, the main composition of the anode is lead dioxide, a major component of the cathode is lead; Under the charged state, is the cathode lead sulfate is the main ingredient.

At present, part of rv manufacturers use lead-acid battery or gel battery as the battery. Among them, the most used deep cycle lead-acid battery can not affect battery life, will be very low discharge power. But this kind of battery for campervan lithium battery, battery flawed, the volume and weight of the lead-acid battery is very big, generally at 16 to 30 kg in weight.

Because of the lead acid battery and gel battery has 150 years of development history, its security is widely recognized, and lithium batteries due to the short development time, there are a lot of uncertainty, especially on the application of the rv.

Advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries:

Advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries


The obvious disadvantage: the campervan lithium battery price is high, the stability is low. The price of lithium batteries, generally 3 ~ 4 times that of lead-acid batteries, but for the user to buy hundreds of thousands of rv was acceptable.

The real worry is its stability. Domestic saloon car use lithium batteries from time to time on fire, it makes a lot of people’s attitude to lithium batteries has become blurred. Campervan lithium battery the best working temperature of 15 ~ 30 . If the operating temperature more than 35 , its performance will fell sharply, even “collapse”; When working temperature is below 5 , battery charging power will be greatly reduced, even under 0 , cannot charging, charging time is too long, can cause the battery lithium precipitation occurs, which may cause short-circuit potential safety hazard such as batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries in charging and discharging power efficiency, storage capacity, volume, weight, etc.

Although previous articles have been the highlights of the campervan lithium battery of instability, but as long as the installation used properly, the accident rate of lithium-ion batteries are under control. That’s why many special trailer works dare to use, and for large saloon car manufacturers, even one over ten thousand of the accident rate is also very terrible things. Most users don’t care about such a low accident rate.


Finally said the RV when not for long, should do:

1, the battery must be charged before storing, general advice full of electricity recharging 2-3 months. If possible, it is better to charge once every 1 to 2 months. Most of the rv use lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery self-discharge will cause the sulfuric acid salinization. The battery if long time don’t charge, will be difficult to restore capacity, affect the life.

2, saloon car when not in use, should be stored in ventilated the shade. After the battery fully charged, disconnect the load line, prevent the no-load current cause the battery discharge.

3, battery working temperature should be controlled in minus 10 to 40 degrees. If the temperature is over 40 degrees, the battery the activity of the active material will increase, thus affecting battery life. Battery is not fully play a role, the temperature is below 10 degrees, cannot be fully charged.

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