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Introducing the concept of innovation by technology and our R&D centre.
The lithium battery research & battery development center of Maxworld Power Limited adheres to market-oriented, technological development and innovative transformation of scientific and technological achievements as the guide. Thus found the operation mechanism of science-market-production.


With the strong support of our own scientific research strength and cooperation with well-known domestic universities, we have established a professional lithium battery research & battery Development center. “technology, development, innovation, breakthrough” is the reason why we further stand out from the competition. From the development of new products to the improvement of product quality, we continue to develop new products to meet the demands of society and customers. Maxworld is committed to being a market leader in the green energy industry.

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The overarching theme of Maxworld Power’s R&D strategy is to provide our customer with better and safer products. To that end, we’ve made smart investments in cutting edge equipment and innovative research concepts.

Structure of R&D Team




Maxworld Power Limited’s first lithium battery research & battery development center was established in Liren Industrial Zone, Longnan, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China in 1994. The research conducted at this centre focuses on new technologies and competencies that will increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon dioxide emissions taking into account the environmental impact. The second R&D centre is the one at the Fukang Industrial Zone, Longnan, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China in 2015. 

Maxworld Power Limited, through its mission to “Power your future”, plays a value-added role in shaping the market with the technologies developed in these two R&D centres, where distinctive innovations are created.

Maxworld pride us on our excellent R&D team and strong creativity, with the most advanced facilities, strict ISO standard manufacturing process, efficient management, and the awareness of being a leader in battery industry, committed to manufacturing and design LiFePO4 and lithium batteries and integrated battery packs for green energy storage systems. Focusing on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provide best battery solutions for solar energy storage systems, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V marine and RV energy systems and so on.

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Our battery products are manufactured using the morden technology and strict quality control designed to exceed performance and reliability.


Our concentrated on an excellent end-to-end customer experience approach sets us apart from the competitors. From inquiry to delivery and everything in between, we always go beyond our customer's expectations.


On-time delivery, in strict accordance with customer specifications. We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions service to meet our customers' exact requirements.

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