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Maxworld specializes in the production of high quality Lithium iron phosphate battery Strict management of lithium battery quality control system

Maxworld: Keeping you in charge with reliable and innovative battery solutions

For over 10 years,Maxworld has been providing high-quality, reliable and safe battery solutions worldwide. Our battery products are designed and manufactured using morden state-of-the-art equipment and undergo the strictest quality control. This process is a key to ensuring the consistency and reliability of any product under the Maxworld name.


Factors of Quality Guarantee
Firat-class quality management system, Professional technical form

lithium battery quality control

QC/Technical Support

There are 10 employees in the quality control department, including product certification engineers, technical engineers, quality engineers and training engineers. Before production, incoming materials must be tested. Our production is carried out by engineers, who are very careful about the quality and details of the products from beginning to end.

Incoming Quality Control – Materials
Electrolytic lead with the purity of 99.994%
High quality raw material from trusted sources.

Procedures/testing Details

All our projects will be thoroughly evaluated. All purchased raw materials and components will be tested by experienced IQC personnel and advanced testing equipment to maintain the lowest defect rate. During the production process, IPQC personnel will randomly check semi-finished products. The FQC team is responsible for the finished lithium battery quality control. QA will inspect the product during consignment. Every step will be recorded to ensure the high quality of our products.

Our quality system includes

IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Test the physical and chemical properties of all raw materials and record the quality of suppliers.

IPQC (In-Process QC)

A QC site is established in each process to ensure operation in accordance with SOP.

FQC (Finish Quality Control)

Test capacity, internal resistance, voltage and temperature performance.

OQC (Out-Depot QC)

In accordance with the GB2828 standard for sample testing, aiming to achieve a “zero error” product qualification rate.

QA (Quality Assurance)

the cycle life, high-rate charging, high and low temperature, and self-discharge performance sampling test of each batch.

maxworid brand promise


Our battery products are manufactured using the morden technology and strict quality control designed to exceed performance and reliability.


Our concentrated on an excellent end-to-end customer experience approach sets us apart from the competitors. From inquiry to delivery and everything in between, we always go beyond our customer's expectations.


On-time delivery, in strict accordance with customer specifications. We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions service to meet our customers' exact requirements.

Maxworld pride us on our excellent R&D team and strong creativity, with the most advanced facilities, strict ISO standard manufacturing process, efficient management, and the awareness of being a leader in battery industry, committed to manufacturing and design LiFePO4 and lithium batteries and integrated battery packs for green energy storage systems. Focusing on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provide best battery solutions for solar energy storage systems, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V marine and RV energy systems and so on.

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