Maxworld strives to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the LiFePO4 batteries. From 100ah LifePO4 batteries to 200ah LiFePO4 batteries, Maxworld covers almost all lithium solutions. Compared to traditional lithium ion battery and lipo battery, LiFePO4 battery, or lithium iron phosphate battery, is a kind of newer lithium solution that is safer and obtains more advantages than other lithium chemistry, particularly in solar, marine and electronic applications.
Shop Maxworld LiFePO4 battery 12.8v and treat yourself to a much-deserved shopping trip on lithium batteries.


Home power backup protection
Powerwall is a type of home battery backup system that avails of LiFePO4 batteries to protect you from power outages.

ESS Telecom Storage System

Maxworld 48v LiFePO4 battery is a type of storage battery providing reliable backup power systems.

Enjoy life and power your freedom

With LiFePO4 batteries built-in and compatible SLA housing outside, 12-36v portable power stations, also wireless chargers, enable you to power worry-free.

About Maxworld

We strive to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the latest lithium ion battery technology. And we insist on optimizing the environmental management system.
We’re not satisfied with just meeting compliance standards, we’ve gone beyond them. Nowadays LiFePO4 battery plays an important role in our daily life. 

Our team

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Maxworld such a fun and rewarding place to work.


See how Maxworld’s quality management professionals ensure we stay on top of the industry. Our lithium battery, especially lifepo4 battery, is assured by 8 independently managed teams working seamlessly together in a multi-layer quality assurance structure.





Our Credibility

Given below is a brief summary of awards and achievements we have gained all these years.

Lifepo4 battery manufacturer

We are recognized as a leading manufacturer, exporter, and marketer of high-grade lithium battery in both national and international markets.


We have setup State-of-the-art lithium ion Battery Manufacturing Plant in Jiangxi province, China.

Quality assurance

We ourselves manufacture almost all component of the battery, including battery plates and battery cases.Therefore, we have full control over the quality of final product.

Worldwide sales

We have international presence in Africa, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia and Latin America. We have set up worldwide sales network for foreign market in China.


Specialized lithium Ion battery | Maxworld New Energy Technology


Maxworld power energy wall All-in-one Home Solar Energy Storage System


Outdoor portable station| Maxworld power supply


We keep thinking about our long-term responsibilities to the environment in which we all work and live.


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We have professional training to help you quickly know more about lithium battery and LiFePO4 battery, enabling you to enter the lithium battery industry and enhance your competitiveness. The diversity and inclusiveness of the company enable you to realize the value in our big family.


Fiona United Kingdom
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We are very glad with this power station. With all the chaos, winter storms, and such, we wanted to have some extra security and options before we can save up for a natural gas generator for our house. Additional, we wanted a portable unit for various tasks. We are glad with the simple interface. This one, however, also shows you how much power the plugged in devices are drawing, and an estimate of how much longer the generator will lasts with the current draw. This is really helpful in helping you plan your energy use with this device. There are enough USB charging ports on this thing, along with a cigarette power jack and 2 AC ports that are rated at a respectable 300w, 600w peak. The materials used to finish the outside feel good in the hand, especially with the rubber under grip and the rubber feet around the 4 bottom corners. I can't think of anything this is missing yet, and haven't ran into any problems yet. We had our phone and our large 10" tablet plugged in at the same time and it charged both of them quite fast! We also are happy we bought this power station as a backup and portable device. Nice.
william Clinton
william ClintonU.S.A
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The specs for this product pretty much speak for themselves. Tested against existing batteries of the same type they seem to work exactly the same and produce the same, steady voltage. The size was exactly as I had expected which made this battery a perfect drop-in replacement for one battery that seemed to be failing ahead of others in the UPS I had them in.

I have never heard of this particular manufacturer, but when it comes to batteries I have learned that the brand name really doesn't mean much. They all seem to be made in the same Chinese factories. Even price doesn't seem to be a reliable indicator of quality any longer. In fact, I find that the no-name brands often outlast the more expensive brand-name counterparts. So, you really have nothing to lose by giving this product a shot.
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Brilliant battery! Make the light extremely bright on both settings! Like others have said though, it's a heavy light and needs to be secured tightly. The battery charges well, and the solar panel works nicely in cloudy weather or rainy days ...very impressive and very very happy for the fair price paid. . I like a LiFePO4 battery mostly because you can deep cycle them for many more cycles than an equivalent AGM battery. It is designed to go into a sleep mode and will wake up when voltage is applied from a charger. This is actually an incredibly useful feature for my application of using these as a portable power bank for the street lights. I no longer need to worry about over discharge. They also have a built in battery management system which makes life simpler. It is great for portable 12V lighting. I recommend Maxworld lithium battery for solar street lights. These little beauties are fantastic....super bright and very responsive. It is great to buy it.