Is charging lithium batteries with solar panels an option for you?

Solar energy systems area unit generally manufactured from star batteries and panels, mounting tools, and an observation system for the performance. The energy from the sun is collected by the panels that send the regenerate energy into the electrical converter from that you’ll utilize electricity in your home, office, or industrial space. These systems area unit a lot of popularly used for backup among owners since most homes area unit tied to the grid. However, many people are looking for a replacement for their utility supply. One common reason why individuals area unit shift to star is to steer further from high-energy prices. Howevercharging lithium ion batteries with solar panels an option for us? This passage can allow you to apprehend.

Lithium Solar Battery

Lithium-ion batteries became a lot of standard selection for star systems everywhere the planet. the event of this kind of battery encompasses a heap to try and do with its application within the motorcar business. Its prismatic type permits for ventilation and edges use in star systems.

Lithium-ion batteries have a singular voltage vary and response to charging (two stages as critical the traditional three). They will be charged with a transformer  lithium charge controller. Though lithium-ion batteries have an occasional self-discharge, they are doing not enjoy long charging.

This kind of solar panel is usually low maintenance, and has high specific energy with a protracted life. Compared to lead-acid, metallic element batteries sometimes value a lot of. Additionally, they’ll need a protection circuit to manage this and voltage.

Can Solar Panels Charge Lithium Batteries?

Yes, charging lithium batteries with solar panels is safe. However, lithium batteries may well be broken by regular charging as a result of their charge response, among alternative things. Most varieties of star batteries area unit charged in three stages, that area unit bulk, acceptance, and float. Lithium batteries, on the opposite hand, area unit charged in two stages.

The first is analogous to the majority stage for alternative batteries, wherever it’s charged at a continuing voltage till it’s virtually full. However, the charging electrical phenomena are left to empty whereas it goes through the second and ending of charging. Lithium batteries can even be destroyed by store charging as that may increase li ion  discharge voltage and endanger battery life.

How to Charge a Lithium Battery with a Solar Panel?

This is a step by step guide to be charge of lithium ion batteries with solar panels. It is often a simplified, general approach. Your electrical device kit may need a special procedure therefore check the directions.

Step1. Get a Charge Controller

There are two basic styles of lithium charge controllers to decide on from, MPPT and PWM. We have a tendency to suggest an MPPT charge controller for metallic element batteries. The EPEVER 40A star Controller goes to run most star systems and supply the simplest potential results.

If you utilize a PWM controller, it’ll scale back the solar panels voltage till it matches the battery. The solar battery won’t be able to use its full power, wasting current and after all greenbacks. An MPPT charge controller will increase this even as the solar battery voltage is reduced. The controller adjusts this mechanically to make sure most current goes into the battery. There are many alternative variations between an MPPT and PWM controllers. However the most important is MPPT controllers are more efficient in lithium battery charging.

2-MPPT lithium solar battery charger controller

Step2. Started the Charge Controller

Lithium charge controllers ought to be put in in a very waterproof location. The space between the controller, battery and star panels got to be ample for the cables.

Make sure the star panels and alternative electrical elements area unit grounded. You’ll mount the controller on any surface except metal.

Step3. Configure the Lithium Battery Cables

If you haven’t already, take away the metallic element batteries from its packaging. Ought to the wires be already blocked in, move to subsequent step. If the wires aren’t connected, plug them into the acceptable slots. These wires area unit color coded therefore you’ll distinguish between positive and negative.

Make sure the wires area unit within the correct inputs, otherwise the battery won’t charge. Secure the wires. If you would like facilitate with electrical device and battery wire sizes, here could be a guide.

Step4. Plug the Battery Wires into the Charge Controller

Take the two loose battery wire ends and insert them into the charge controller. These are positive and negative ports on the controller, inserting the wires within the acceptable location.

Step5. Place MC4 Connectors on the Charge Controller Wires

Hold the charge controller wires and place MC4 connectors on the ends. If your star kit didn’t go together with MC4 connectors, you’ll get these in any solar energy offer search.

Step6. Connect the Controller Wires to the Electrical Device

You should have the charge controller wire ends fitted with MC4 connectors. Take these two and plug them into the electrical device connectors. Solar panels even have MC4 connectors. Match the male and feminine star MC4 connectors with those of the charge controller. The male MC4 controller ought to be connected to the feminine electrical device MC4 connection. Do an equivalent with the opposite controller and panel connectors.

Step7. Test the Charge Controller

Give all the wirings a lightweight tug to form certain they work. Currently activate the charge controller. If it hasn’t done therefore mechanically and there aren’t any error messages, the installation is productive.

Step8. Give the Battery Time to Charge

Now all you’ve got to try and do is stay up for the battery to charge. However long it takes depends on the solar battery bank size, sun hours and the way abundant power is left within the battery

3-Charging of lithium battery


In alternative words, charge of lithium ion batteries with solar panels is simply fine. Provided after all there’s enough daylight and a top quality MPPT charge controller is a component of the system. Once started, you’ll leave everything to the sun.

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