What is the difference between 18650 lithium battery and polymer lithium battery

主-18650 battery and lithium ploymer battery

As derivatives of the battery, mobile power batteries are divided into three kinds of different specifications, respectively is: polymer lithium battery, 18650 lithium-ion batteries, AAA nimh batteries. General understanding of the mobile power battery is divided into ordinary senior 18650 lithium batteries and polymer lithium battery, but the most ordinary users do not know the difference between these two kinds of battery, which is better. This article will introduce one by one to you.

What is the difference between 18650 lithium battery and polymer lithium battery?

Actually polymer lithium battery and lithium battery. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion battery and two kinds of polymer batteries. As for the two battery which is more stable, this cannot treat as the same, basically see the technical level of the manufacturer.

Polymer lithium battery: generally USES soft lu: su composite packaging film. It is half solid polymer. Discharge stability, high efficiency, low resistance, etc. Safety performance is good, have been through the pressure protection device. The service life of the charge and discharge cycles of about 500 times. Polymer lithium battery, however, are usually packed in foil, easy to deformation, impact resistance, the quality of the overvoltage protection owing to the different manufacturers.

18650 Lithium battery:

18650 battery

The 18650 lithium battery is cylindrical with liquid inside. Because of battery design and materials, 18650 is suitable for high current. Therefore, almost all of the laptops and electric cars are using 18650 battery design; Only super notebook is energy saving, so 18650 can be omitted. Use lithium polymer batteries, especially tablets; Digital cameras require high voltage and instantaneous large current flash charging and discharging, so can only use 18650 similar battery, but slightly smaller size.

Lithium ion battery is lithium battery product improvement. After years of development, the lithium ion battery is comparatively mature technology, production makes the manufacturing cost is very low. Therefore, lithium batteries have an advantage more than lithium polymer battery. This is why most laptops and other devices are currently using this type of battery. Mobile power supply is the most commonly used steel shell 18650 lithium-ion batteries, high safety coefficient. Production technology has been very mature, than the polymer battery is cheap. It occupies most of the lithium battery market share. It is used for laptop battery. The most common.

18650 is generally ladle, that is, 18650 is a liquid lithium ion. Due to the particularity of 18650 packaging, if produce the product quality is bad, the greatest danger is an explosion. A few years ago notebook explosion because SONY laptop battery is a problem with the battery quality control.

Polymer lithium battery:

Raw material by cobalt acid lithium, lithium manganese acid, commonly ternary mixture of lithium. Through a certain proportion of three kinds of mixture, through a certain process. The outer packing is given priority to with aluminum-plastic film, in the middle of the lithium material for paste. So the shape can be customized. At the same time it can produce ultra-thin cell, ultrathin battery such as 0.33 mm and 0.50 mm.

Polymer lithium battery USES a layer of aluminum composite membrane and a layer of high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Found that the polymer is the biggest security leakage, short circuit and inflation. In the worst case is burning and flame. Therefore, compared with 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery is better in terms of security. But burning may cause potential safety hazard, so it is recommended to use mobile power users, mobile power supply try not to be placed in the place such as pillow, bed.

Compared with lithium polymer batteries and AAA nimh batteries, using 18650 as a mobile power energy storage lithium battery costs are cheaper. As a result, many mobile power supply manufacturers to increase the price of the product competitiveness, still use 18650 batteries. The expert inside course of study thinks, when consumer is choosing mobile power products, the best mobile power battery components is a polymer lithium battery or 18650 lithium batteries. Brand products. Second note that when charging and electricity, should follow the correct method of use, avoid overcharge, short circuit, and so on and so forth.

Polymer lithium-ion batteries, with different designs and materials, some internal liquid, polymer lithium battery in the large current discharge performance is better than 18650 cylindrical battery, need large capacity, small volume of electricity equipment. Often use lithium polymer batteries. The most typical is mobile phone, tablets and other devices.

Advantages of lithium polymer batteries

1. good safety performance

Polymer lithium battery with aluminum composite flexible packaging in the structure, the difference in the metal shell of the battery. Once appear safe hidden trouble, explosive liquid battery, polymer lithium battery will only at most.

2. Small thickness, can be made thinner

Applying to customize the shell to ordinary liquid lithium battery, and plug is anode materials. Thickness under 3.6 mm, with technical bottlenecks. Polymer batteries have this problem, the thickness can be below 1 mm, meet the direction of needs of mobile phone now. 

3. Lightweight

The weight of the polymer lithium battery capacity than the same specifications of the steel shell lithium battery light 40%, 20% lighter than the aluminum battery.

4. Large capacity

With the size of polymer lithium battery steel shell of the battery capacity is higher than aluminum battery 10-15%. Has become the color of choice for mobile phones and MMS. Now on the market the new color, color screen mobile phone, also mostly USES the polymer battery.

5. small internal resistance

Polymer battery internal resistance of the smaller than ordinary liquid battery. Current polymer battery internal resistance and even can achieve below 35 m Ω, greatly reduces the battery since the consumption, extend the standby time of the phone. The support of large discharge current polymer lithium battery is the ideal choice of the remote control model, in line with international standards, become the most potential alternative products of nimh batteries.

6. The shape can be customized

Polymer battery can according to customer’s need to increase or reduce the thickness of the batteries, the development of new batteries models, price cheap, open mold cycle is short. Some even can joint the appearance of mobile phones, make full use of the battery shell space, improve battery capacity performance. 

7. good discharge characteristics

Polymer battery gel electrolyte, compared with the alternate liquid electrolyte, has the stable discharge and higher discharge platform.

8. The protection plate is simple in design

Due to using polymer materials, batteries, not fire, explosion, telecommunications has enough security. Therefore, consider omitting PTC polymer battery protection circuit design department and fuse, to save the battery cost.


The above is the difference between 18650 lithium batteries and polymer lithium battery. The two batteries occupy a large share in the lithium battery industry, the market dominant position. Under the condition of the battery quality assurance, the volume of 18650 than the polymer is big, so in terms of portability, polymer battery will be more less. If you want to know more about lithium battery, Please contact Maxworld power.

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