Why lithium iron phosphate battery 12v(LifePO4) battery is the best choice

lithium iron phosphate

Have you ever heard of lithium iron battery 12v battery? In fact, the lithium iron phosphate battery 12v battery is “charging” the battery world. But what exactly does “LiFePO4 battery” mean? What makes this battery better than other batteries? Please continue reading the answers and understand LiFePO4 battery more closely.

What are lithium iron phosphate battery 12v LiFePO4battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery 12v battery is a lithium battery made of lithium iron phosphate. It first appeared in the late 1990s. Like most new technologies, it took a long time for them to become practical and affordable. In 1996, the University of Texas (and other contributors) discovered that phosphate is the cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries. Li-phosphate offers good electrochemical performance with low resistance. This can be achieved by nano-scale phosphate cathode material. If kept at a high voltage for a long time, lithium phosphate has stronger tolerance to full charge conditions, and its pressure is lower than other lithium-ion battery systems. LiFePO4 battery is now considered the safest, most stable, and most reliable lithium battery.

Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery 12v (LiFePO4) battery

There are many advantages of lithium iron battery 12v

First of all, LiFePO4 battery has high safety properties. The P-O bond in the lithium iron phosphate crystal is stable and difficult to decompose. Even at a high temperature or overcharge, it will not collapse or heat up like lithium cobaltate, and will not form strong oxidizing substances, so it has good safety. The LiFePO4 battery has completely solved the potential safety hazards of traditional lithium batteries. Under extreme environments, it will not explode or catch fire. It is the safest lithium-ion battery.

Secondly, LiFePO4 battery is environmentally friendly. The performance of lithium-ion batteries mainly depends on the positive and negative materials. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is a new lithium battery material in recent years. The battery is generally considered to be free of any heavy metals and rare metals (Ni-MH batteries need rare metals), non-toxic (SGS certification), pollution-free, in line with European RoHS regulations, and is the green battery. It is an ideal negative electrode material for new generation lithium-ion batteries. Its safety performance and cycle life are unmatched by other materials. The most important technical indexes of the battery.

Last but not least, the life cycle of LiFePO4 battery is longer. LiFePO4 battery is a lithium-ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as cathode material. The cycle life of long-life lead-acid batteries is about 300 times, and the maximum cycle life can be up to 500. The LiFePO4 battery can be used up to 2000 times with standard charging (5-hour rate). The lead-acid battery with the same quality with a maximum of 1~1.5 years. Under the same conditions, the theoretical life will reach 7~8 years when the LiFePO4 battery is used. Considering comprehensively, the performance-price ratio is more than four times that of lead-acid batteries in theory. 

The usage of lithium iron phosphate battery 12v battery

1. Energy storage: We can combine LiFePO4 battery with inverter or converters to store energy, and provide a solution for energy shortage. It can support many power loads in power shortage areas and provide them with power. We can use the LiFePO4 battery to charge laptops and smartphones.

2. Small vehicles, e-Bikes ore-Scooters/Small Vehicles: Because LiFePO4 battery provides a perfect balance of energy density and safety, and it will not cause harm to the environment. These battery can be used for e-bikes or e-scooters. 

3. Combination with solar energy: We can use this battery in combination with solar panels and solar controllers to improve the productivity and life of the battery. While the LiFePO4 battery is still in use, we can use solar panels to charge it. 

4. Boats or kayaks: LiFePO4 battery has many advantages in providing power for the motor of boats or kayak. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, these batteries are very light in weight. They provide a longer battery life cycle, making them ideal for boats and kayak engines.

5. Communication instruments: Many users are LiFePO4 battery, not lead-acid of radio communications instruments. The long battery life cycle has attracted many customers to switch to the LiFePO4 battery.

The LiFePO4 battery can also be completely discharged, and the high voltage level is maintained. The voltage of lead-acid batteries drops faster and soon loses effectiveness. Compared with other batteries, the LiFePO4 battery is the best alternative and more reliable. They can also be used in robots, household energy storage, hybrid generators, and even auxiliary power plant systems in trucks. These batteries are the first choice for remote monitoring instruments in the Arctic and Sub-Saharan regions. They are also used for weather monitoring, oil and natural gas pipelines, and ocean buoys under various climatic conditions all over the world. 


Charging tips for lithium iron phosphate battery 12v battery

It is suggested that the CCCV charging method should be used to charge the LiFePO4 battery pack, that is, constant current first and constant voltage later. The recommended constant current is 0.3 and the recommended constant voltage is 3.65. When the charging current is lower than 0.1°c (or 0.05°c), that is, the battery is full. When charging with a constant voltage power supply, the charging current should also be taken into account. It is recommended not to charge with excessive voltage. After adjusting the voltage, make sure that the charging current is lower than 0.5, which is beneficial to the battery.


Lithium iron phosphate battery 12v battery is a type of lithium battery built from lithium iron phosphate. Nowadays, people tend to choose LiFePO4 battery as the best choice for various applications because of their high safety, environmental protection and long service life. Maybe next time you are wondering which battery to choose, consider whether to choose LiFePO 4 battery.

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