When it comes to the question about how to keep lithium battery safe, different people will have different thoughts. The proliferation of technology has allowed wireless electronic devices to be used at home, work and entertainment. As the number of devices increases, so does the number of rechargeable batteries in the devices around life. Small appliances such as smart phones, power tools, laptop computers, cordless phones, children’s toys, and handheld vacuum cleaners all use rechargeable batteries. Many of these devices are powered by lithium batteries: this type of battery is becoming more popular due to its long life and rechargeable characteristics. But like everything else, it has its drawbacks. If overheated or overcharged, these batteries pose a great risk.

application of lithium battery
application of lithium battery

Overheating of lithium batteries can cause fires and explosions; if the batteries are damaged or overheated, they will ignite spontaneously. The battery may also be flammable when stored for a period of time when the temperature is too low or too high. There are many variables that bring risks to these batteries.

Li-ion batteries have all the elements that can cause self-sustain a fire

In order to keep lithium battery safe, we need to understand how lithium-ion batteries catch fire or explode. It is necessary to study how batteries work. Lithium-ion batteries store and release electrical energy through electrochemical reactions. When electrical energy is drawn/discharged from the battery, lithium-ions move from one electrode to the other. The electrode is immersed in a liquid called an electrolyte, which is composed of a lithium salt and an organic solvent, which allows ions to move. It is these organic solvents that are the main fire hazards of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the positive electrode (cathode) in the battery contains oxygen. If the battery is subjected to specific stress, such as internal short circuit, overheating, etc., it will release oxygen. This means that lithium-ion batteries have all the elements necessary for spontaneous combustion.

how to keep lithium battery safe

Here are some tips to keep lithium battery safe

cell of lithium battery

Keep battery terminals from touching

When storing lithium batteries, one of the most important steps is to ensure that the battery terminals are not in contact with any metal or other battery terminals. Your battery and battery-equipped equipment should be placed on a stable cabinet, storage cabinet or shelf, and not be impacted or pushed by machines or people. This will prevent the battery from moving, thereby keeping the terminal in place.

composition of lithium battery

Consider using battery terminal covers where applicable for added protection. Or keep them in their original packaging. The chemical reaction inside the battery outputs a constant voltage. The speed of this reaction depends on the internal resistance of the battery. When the battery is used, the resistance rises. When the new battery forces energy through the old battery, this resistance causes the battery to heat up, which may cause the old battery to overheat or even leak. In addition, new batteries consume power faster and are far from efficient.

Don’t be exposed to extreme condition

Rechargeable batteries are often exposed to unfavorable temperatures. Extreme temperatures can shorten the life expectancy of the battery, so store the battery and equipment in a cool place as much as possible. According to the recommendations of the Battery University, the storage temperature of most batteries is 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature minimizes capacity loss while maintaining battery working conditions and allowing self-discharge.

fire ban

Choose the right method for charging

You should always charge the rechargeable battery of the device or the charger that comes with it, or the charger recommended by the manufacturer. Chargers are designed for specific battery types; Mixing chargers and batteries can cause unexpected problems. If you plan to use the new method to charge your device or battery, check the manufacturer’s website for instructions.


In conclusion, the electronics revolution isn’t stopping any time soon. Devices will continue to add features while they shrink in size. There are many methods people conduct to keep lithium battery safe. In the future, lithium battery will be applied in more sceneries.

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