Why Do Lithium Polymer Batteries Swell?

Lithium batteries unit of measurement commonly used, whether or not or not they’re in your garage door opener, your personal computer, or your power tools. You will even act with this type of battery daily, but have you ever seen a swollen lithium battery, perhaps pushing on top of things the battery door of your device? It square measure usually a puzzling sight, so what specifically goes on at intervals that lithium battery that makes it expand and become swollen?

What Makes Lithium Polymer Batteries Swell?

Let’s get all the method right down to why lithium polymer batteries swell. Detain mind that what’s happening at intervals battery to create energy might be a natural action. At intervals the case of a lithium battery, that reaction involves electrons and electrolytes flowing from one end to the other.

Anything that disrupts the energy-producing natural action happening at intervals the battery will turn out excess gas that has to go somewhere – thus it tries to escape by pushing out on the surface of the battery case. If you’ve ever taken a type, you may recall that after a natural action is interrupted, a byproduct square measure usually created. Throughout this case, it’s gas, and it’s not good.

Why Do Lithium Polymer Batteries Swell?

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reminds United States that the lithium-ion battery packs found in our everyday devices go in conjunction with an intrinsic Battery Management System to help management the charging technique and forestall that gas buildup. However, for the battery and management system to be ready to do their jobs, the batteries need to be cared for. So what’s going to disrupt that natural action at intervals the battery and create gas, so inflicting a swollen battery?

BMS system

Extreme Temperatures

Many consultants counsel usually can be often the foremost common reason for a swollen battery. A study at intervals the chemistry Society by the Samsung Energy Development Team of Samsung SDI Co., Ltd looked into the swelling properties of lithium-ion batteries. It showed that after keep at 194(90) for four hours, the batteries enlarged. The foremost swelling occurred in batteries that were completely charged.

According to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, shoppers ought to follow the manufacturer’s tips, along with endorsed storage requirements, temperature, and voltage.

Extreme low temperature

Poor Quality or broken Battery

A poorly created (low-quality or cheap) battery usually merely doesn’t perform properly. Errors in its natural action can cause the gas to create up, and each time you charge or attempt to use your device, extra gas is discharged.

When unsure, choose a name-brand battery from a corporation you may trust.

Issues With Charging – Overcharging, Faulty instrumentality, or Deep Discharging Excessive overcharging of battery or using a low-quality charger can place stress on the battery, inflicting that gas to create up and even inflicting the battery to discharge (lose its charge) quicker. Consultants counsel you don’t leave your battery charging all the time. Undo it and provides it a chance to perform the operation.

What Can I Do With Swollen Batteries?

With the hazards which can be gift, what square measure you ready to do to substantiate you don’t cause a far larger problem? Manufacturer defect square measure some stuff you can’t avoid, but there unit of measurement a diffusion of stuff you may do to cut back problems and prolong your battery’s life.

Don’t leave your device obstructed in. Lithium-ion batteries unit of measurement meant to cycle – discharge and recharge – so keeping them obstructed altogether the time implies that they can’t exercise to their capability. Usually it can be often notably very important for your personal computer batteries that unit of measurement used reception or at intervals the geographical point.

Use the right power charger. Usually the primary power charger gets lost or broken and a replacement one is needed. Going for a reasonable risk might appear as if good economy, but it shouldn’t have the same power output and can injury your battery or device, making it a poor various.

Replace the battery if it’s broken or not activity as a result of it need to. All batteries eventually fail so if the signs unit of measurement there, take action and replace the battery.

Store the device in associate passing cool, dry surroundings. Hot cars and wet environments unit of measurement are the enemies of battery health.

How Do I Deal With A Swollen Battery?

Don’t ignore it. It won’t obtain and it won’t get safer. Though your device still works, the battery ought to get replaced instantly. Victimization the device or exploit it connected to power square measure usually dangerous.

Be careful. The build-up of gases makes a swollen lithium-ion battery vulnerable as its casing is below stress. Never attempt to puncture battery to unhitch the gases.

Carefully subtract the battery if achievable. If it’s not removable or if you are feeling resistance once making an attempt to induce obviate it, stop and instead take it to an authorized repairer. If you may subtract it, place it in associate passing instrumentality in associate passing safe cool place. This prevents additional injury whereas you are utilized out where to need it.

Take your battery to an authorized battery disposal facility, a portable computer or phone search, or Battery World. These places offer correct use processes to substantiate safe use or disposal.

Enjoy your devices and so the liberty and performance offered by lithium-ion batteries, but bear in mind that they need to be treated with care and respect. If not, it ought to be over merely battery that wishes replacement.


Lithium polymer batteries swell once the natural action happening at intervals is disrupted. The reasons why do lithium polymer batteries swell are embrace extreme temperatures, poor quality or injury to the battery, or issues with charging. Detain mind that each one batteries would love replacement eventually, but ensure you get yours to the goal whereas not swelling by taking tutelage of your battery as a result of the lithium battery manufacturer meant.

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