How to Properly Charge Your Phone Battery?


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Why your cell mobile battery will over time become worse and worse? At first, when you in the end of the day lying in bed, it is likely to have excess capacity, but as time goes on, you will find that your battery to the lunch time only that amount in half.

Part of the reason is that the way you use a mobile phone, you install the application, garbage collection, your custom and you receive the notice of more and more – brought more pressure to the battery.

In our new technology such as optimizing the performance of wireless intelligent clothing before, we must learn how to properly charge your phone, make it as long as possible to keep healthy.

Lithium ion batteries wear three factors: charging cycles, temperature and use fixed number of year.


However, with our best battery maintenance skills, you can more long time maintaining the health of the intelligent mobile phone battery.

How to properly charge your mobile battery?

wrong way charge phone battery

When should I charge my phone?

To properly charge your phone, the golden rule is to let your battery at between 30% and 90% in most of the time. When it dropped to below 50% full, but pull the plug before reached 100%. For this reason, you might want to reconsider leaving it plugged in overnight.

Will be the last one time charge from 80% to 100% can make the lithium ion battery aging faster.

Maybe is the best in the morning at the breakfast table or desk charging. So, in the process of charging is more likely to focus on the percentage of the battery.

Phone charge for cell mobile battery is not fatal, don’t do that seems a bit counterintuitive, but each time the phone charge will shorten its life.

Also, at the other end of the scale, avoid keep the cell phone battery is lower than 20%.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t feel good about going too far below the 20% mark.

On the contrary, will be “at the bottom” as an additional 20% critical days buffer, but during the week, when the low battery warning appears, start charging.

In short, lithium-ion batteries thrive best in the middle. The percentage of the battery don’t too low, but also not too high.

Should I charge my phone overnight?

2-charge phone battery overnight

As a rule, it is best to avoid, though in the morning when the battery is enough is very convenient. Every full charge is counted as a “cycle”, can only be maintained for a set number of your mobile.

If you are charging overnight, when the phone is more than 80% of the most suitable for prolonging the service life of the long-term magic, you’re bound to miss.

Although most modern smartphones with built-in sensors, can reach 100% when close the charging, if still open, then lost a small amount of battery when idle.

You may get a trickle charge “, because the charger is trying to keep the phone at 100%, because your mobile phone in the night will lose their charge. This means that your mobile phone in complete charge and a little below the full charge continuously bounce between – 99% to 100%, and in more than the requirements of the charging time to rebound again. It can also be heated mobile phone, which is unfavorable to the battery.

Therefore, charging is better than charging at night during the day.

Will fast-charging damage my phone?

Most modern smartphones support some form of quick charge. However, this usually requires you to purchase additional attachments.The industry standard is Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, which delivers 18W of power.

However, many mobile phone maker, has its own rapid charging standards, many of which can adjust the power management through code to request higher voltage charging to provide faster speed. Samsung is now even selling a 45W charger!

Although fast charging itself does not damage the mobile phone batteries, and battery is designed to support it, but the heat generated by the may affect the life of the cell phone. Therefore, you must be in front of the advantages of quick charge and the balance quickly filled with the convenience of mobile phone.

Like a cell phone battery don’t like very hot, they also do not like the cold. So it goes without saying that you should avoid the phone in a hot car, beach, next to the oven, the snow. Normally, battery are between 20 and 30 ° C under the best temperature of work, but in the temperature range in a short period of time can also be outside.

Avoid Parasite Loads

3-Avoid Parasite Loads

If you are using the phone charge (when watching the video, for example), you may come by creating tiny loop “confusion” battery, in the meantime, some parts of the cell cycle, and at the speed of faster than the rest of the battery degradation.

Ideally, you should shut down when charging equipment. But, is a more realistic, let it idle when charging.


Therefore, in summary, the correct rechargeable battery habit can definitely extend the life of the battery. Weve learnt how to properly charge your phone from above passage. In addition to some of the above methods, the following are some other methods that can extend battery life.

More tips for longer mobile battery life

4-charge phone battery

1Use the power save mode more often. It reduces the power consumption, thereby reducing the cycles.

2Try to screen mode of dark, because the mobile phone will shut down shows black pixels, this means that you can darken when the white panel to save battery life. Or just the brightness of the phone down!

3Closed, what do you think does not require the application of the background update – it can also reduce power consumption.

4In case you don’t need a cell phone turn off the phone or to place it in flight mode, such as the night – the best under the condition of the phone battery is reasonable.

5Don’t force quit the apps. Your mobile phone operating system best suspend application — you don’t need it than again and again to “cold start” each application USES a lower power consumption.

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