The signs you need to change your security system battery

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Periodically, the batteries in your alarm got to get replaced for best performance. Before you establish once to change security system battery, youll need to check your system to confirm what reasonably power supply it uses. Some systems are operated on electricity when others completely use batteries. Others use a mixture of each. Maxworld Power Battery will offer knowledgeable recommendations on finding the proper batteries for your alarm.

Typical Alarm Configurations

Before deciding once to change security system battery on your alarm, it helps to get what reasonably power configuration your system has. Control panels that management the system will be typically operated with electrical power. However, they’ll have a backup battery that produces additional power once required. Hardwired smoke detectors will be typically run on battery power. Motion detectors will be usually powered exclusively by batteries. Security cameras will be frequently powered by electricity, however, some cameras are operated by battery power, and others use a mixture of each.

Battery Power Improvements

When to Change the security system battery

Regardless of the kind of system that you simply have, there are many ways in which to work out once it’s time to vary the battery.


Although there’s some variation in security system battery longevity, most batteries in alarm systems these days can last somewhere between 3 and 5 years. Battery lifetime is stricken by the type of batteries that you simply use and the way typically you use the system. Motion-sensor batteries usually last for regarding 4 or 5 years, however, the most recent models have an excellent longer lifetime of regarding 7 years. As a general rule, you shall aim to change the batteries in your system at the 5-year mark if the batteries haven’t however been replaced since you installed the system.

Low Security System Battery Warning

Sometimes, youll know that it’s time to change the battery on your alarm if the low battery warning comes on while no sensible reason. If the low battery indicator light-weight illuminates on your system even if the fact that it hasnt used backup battery power in for a while, A security system battery with very little remaining longevity is also the underlying cause. If you notice that the batterys low red light continues to stay on, it’s probability time to contact an expert to inspect the system and replace the battery if necessary. Once you do replace the battery, ensure to get a compatible replacement for the battery system that you simply presently use within the alarm panel.

Beeping Keypads

If the keyboard for your home alarm starts beeping, its a sign that the power supply is low and therefore security system battery would possibly be got to get replaced. The keyboard might beep infrequently initially, however it’ll beep more systematically as the power supply drains. Changing the battery can stop the annoying beeping and keep your alarm operating properly, which successively keeps your home safer. Once unsure, you’ll check the owners manual to refer to what the beeping sounds indicate.

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6 Simple Steps to Change A Security System Battery


Turn off the electrical supply to your system.


Open the panel box. you’ll typically try this with a panel key (sometimes left on the prime of the control box), otherwise, you might have to unscrew the cover. Once you open the cover, your alarm might go off. Ensure you have got your code available to show off your system if this happens.


Disconnect security system battery. Take away each of the black and red wires from the battery terminals. you shall be ready to do so gently by hand, otherwise, you might like better to use pliers. (To avoid receiving a shock, ensure you are doing not a bit the battery terminals or open-end of the wire connectors with any metal implement.)

Once disconnected, take away the recent battery and dispose of it responsibly.


Locate the security system battery within the panel. Usually, the alarm battery can be installed in a walk-in gown, cabinet, or perhaps a spare bedroom wardrobe.


If your alarm is monitored, contact the room to allow them to recognize you’re reaching to amendment the backup battery. This may stop the room causing a patrol company to your premises.


Connect the new battery, ensuring you’re using a battery of equivalent size and voltage as the original. (You can buy a brand new alarm battery through Maxworld Power Battery.) Begin by removing any plastic protectors from the new battery, then connect the wires.

Ensure the battery isn’t placed backwardthe written data shall be facing towards you. Insert the RED wire within the RED battery terminal, and the BLACK wire within the BLACK. Make sure the connectors are tightly connected to the battery terminals. If you have got a multimeter, use it to see that the battery is charging. Stop the panel and lock.


All home security system battery is high-quality rechargeable lead-acid batteries that are designed to provide excellent performance, durability, and long life to ensure your security system works when you need it most. For more details regarding your home system alarms batteries, contact Maxworld Power Battery NOW!

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