Is 12V lithium ion battery for solar the best option?

Iceland and Paraguay might sound entirely completely different on the surface, however, they need one issue in common that’s they are nearly 100% dependent on renewable energy. Therefore why do massive nations just like the United States of America notice it troublesome to achieve simply two-hundredths of energy generation from renewables? There square measure several answers to thereto question, however, the one you’ll typically see is a result of renewables square measure associated degree of intermittent power supply – which means, they aren’t reliable enough to run an entire country. It is often partially true. The two major styles of renewable energy, star and alternative energy, square measure thought of intermittent resources, because the sun isn’t continuously shining and therefore the wind isn’t continuously processing. However, new energy storage technologies, like lithium-ion batteries square measure creating it potential to power homes with solar power 24/7. A lithium polymer battery is sometimes a good choice.

In this weblog, we’ll make a case for what factors ought to be paid attention to when selecting batteries for energy storage, moreover, as 12v lithium-ion batteries for solar, see what quantity they price, and discuss their professionals and cons.

Grid Solar Battery

What Factors to Look for in a Battery?

Energy storage systems offer a variety of various edges, from emergency backup power to even money savings! However, they additionally bring technical quality and a different set of unfamiliar languages. Here’s what to target and appearance for during a battery:

Power rating

The power rating of batteries refers to the kilowatts (kW) of power that the batteries will offer right away. In alternative words, a battery’s power rating tells you each what percentage of appliances your battery will power right away and that appliance the square measure. When the power supply is insufficient, lithium polymer batteries can sometimes be used to generate electricity.

Something you should know about EV LiFePo4 Battery

Usable storage capability

A battery’s capability refers to the quantity of electricity that the battery is ready to store and provide to your home. Whereas power is expressed in kW, storage capability is expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and power is increased over time. As a result, a battery’s storage capability tells you the way long your battery will power components of your home. Make certain to seem for the usable capability of the battery, as that variety represents the quantity of hold on electricity that you just will truly access during a battery. Sometimes cars also use a lithium car battery.

Roundtrip efficiency

Roundtrip efficiency may be a system-level metric that measures how well your energy storage system (battery + inverter) converts and stores electricity. There square measure losses related to any electrical method, which means you’ll lose some kWh of electricity after you invert it from electricity (DC) electricity to AC (AC) electricity, or after you place electricity into a battery and take it out once more. A battery’s roundtrip efficiency tells you the way several units of electricity you’ll get out of the battery for each unit of electricity you place into it. Lithium car batteries are not only low-carbon but also energy-saving.

Solar battery and solar panels graphic

Batteries’ lifetimes square measure measured with 3 completely different metrics: expected years of operation, expected outturn, and expected cycles. A battery’s expected outturn and cycle square measure sort of a car’s mileage guarantee. Outturn helps you to compare what quantity of electricity you’ll be ready to move through your battery over its life. Cycles live what percentage times you’ll charge and discharge the battery. Sometimes lithium battery price is also a very important factor.

1-Solar Panel


All batteries have to be compelled to meet bound safety necessities so as to be certified for installation in homes and businesses: each battery that you just receive a quote for on Energy Sage is safe and meets these safety requirements! There square measure, however, some battery chemistries that are tested for safety to completely different levels, going even on the far side of the government-mandated safety necessities for batteries, which means some batteries chemistries square measure slightly safer than others. However, the foremost vital issue to recollect is that each battery put in within the United States of America is square measure terribly safe!

How to Decide that Battery Specs for your Needs?

There square measure variety of various potential call criteria and comparison points to create once evaluating your energy storage choices. Here square measure some of the foremost common call criteria, moreover as that battery specs matter most if these criteria match your situation:

1. If you wish to power additional of your home right away, explore for battery with a high power rating

2. If you wish to be ready to power an additional energy-intensive appliance (like a sump pump), explore batteries with a high instant power rating

3. If you wish to run your home along with your battery for an extended quantity of your time, explore for battery with the next usable capability

4. If you wish to induce the foremost out of each kilowatt-hour of electricity you place into your battery, explore for batteries with higher roundtrip potency

5. If you’re house forced and wish to induce the foremost quantity of storage out of the smallest quantity amount of house, explore lithium-ion nickel metal atomic number 27 (NMC) batteries

6. If you wish batteries with the longest life that you just will cycle the foremost amounts of times, explore for lithium (LFP) batteries

2-Lithium Solar Battery

7. If you wish battery with absolutely the highest safety rating potential (don’t worry, they’re all safe!), look to LFP batteries

What Advantage and Disadvantages of 12V Lithium ion Battery for Solar?

The reason why the introduction of Li particle star batteries rocked the star business is as a result of the technology offers a spread of advantages over lead acid batteries. However, there square measure some cases in which a lead acid battery could be a battery option to store your alternative energy.

Pros of lithium solar batteries

Higher depth of discharges (DOD)

The executive department of electric battery is the quantity of the hold on energy within the battery that has been used, as compared to the entire capability of the battery. Most batteries associate with a suggested executive department so as to take care of the health of the battery.

Lithium particle star batteries are deep cycle batteries so they have an executive department of around ninety-fifths. Several lead acid batteries solely have an executive department of fifty, which suggests you’ll be able to use a lot of the energy that’s held on in a very lithium battery while not having to charge it as usual.

Long lifetime

Because 12v lithium-ion battery for solar has a high executive department and don’t get to be charged and recharged as usually, they need a protracted lifetime.

Most lithium batteries have a minimum warrantied lifetime of around ten years or a cycle lifetime of 10,000 cycles – whichever comes initially. Lead acid batteries, on the opposite hand, solely have warrantied lifespans of around five years.

Higher energy density

The energy density of an electric battery is what quantity of power the battery will hold relative to the physical size of the battery.

Lithium particle batteries will store a lot of power while not taking over the maximum amount of house as a lead acid battery, which is nice for homes wherever the house is restricted.

High efficiency

Lithium batteries have the next round-trip potency rating than alternative kinds of star batteries on the market.

Efficiency refers to the quantity of usable energy you get out of your battery compared to what quantity of energy it took to store it. Lithium batteries have efficiencies between ninety and ninety-fifth.

Less maintenance

Not having to fret regarding regular maintenance is one of those benefits simply, just can’t place worth on. Lithium particle star batteries don’t need maintenance as flooded lead acid batteries do.

Cons of lithium solar battery

High cost

Lithium particle batteries tend to be the foremost dear batteries storage choice, particularly when put next to guide acid batteries.

The good news is that electrical device systems qualify for incentives just like the federal decrease, which helps create lithium batteries cheaper. Whats more, though lead acid batteries are also cheaper – they need to get replaced a lot of usually than long-lasting lithium battery systems.

Thermal runaway

Lithium particle batteries run the next risk of thermal runaway, which implies they catch burning. However, the risk of a properly put-in lithium batteries electrical device is slim to none.


12v Lithium-ion battery for solar is the most effective alternative energy storage system for everyday residential use as a result they take up very little house whereas still storing a considerable quantity of energy. Also, their high executive department means that you’ll be able to use a lot of energy to hold on. The battery can last longer, thus it won’t be got to get replaced as usually as a lead acid battery. Additionally, their higher potency means you get to use a lot of the energy your star panels manufacture and store – supplying you with a lot of bang for your buck. However, in some cases, alternative battery sorts, like lead acid batteries, may work higher for you. It is often very true if you’re simply employing an electrical device as backup power storage. Since you won’t be debilitating a backup battery often, the lower executive department and lifetime don’t matter the maximum amount, thus defrayment of the additional cash for those options won’t be necessary.

Lead acid batteries also are standard for the off-grid scheme comes that aren’t used often – like vacation cabins. Except for everyday use, defrayment further on a Li particle electrical device is maybe your best bet.

Whether it’s for off-grid battery backup or for a grid-tied scheme, energy storage will assist you to run entirely on clean energy. Contact native star installers to seek out the most effective electrical device system to try along with your star panels.

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