Whether to use lithium RV at the same time high power appliances?

In answer to the question of whether lithium rv can also use high-power electrical appliances before, let’s discuss about the lithium rv capacity of the lithium battery.

What is capacity for lithium RV battery?

Lithium RV battery capacity depends on the total power consumption. Generally lithium rv is electric rice cooker, electric water heater (boiled water), lights, TV, audio equipment, etc., some saloon car and air conditioning. Generally don’t take the car battery capacity of air conditioning for 400 ah. For car with air conditioning, suggested that battery capacity not less than 400 ah. Generally 600 ah – 800 ah. The above battery capacity for the 12 v battery voltage.

How do choose ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery?

We often say that the lithium ion battery including ternary lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Ternary lithium ion battery has the advantage of high energy density, the current price is lower than the lithium iron phosphate. However, there are two problems with the ternary lithium ion battery. One is the power attenuation fast, three years or so by 30% – 50%. This is our use of mobile phone batteries. About three years later, the battery must be replaced. Second, the safety of the ternary lithium ion battery as lithium iron phosphate batteries. In the case of collision, the external force, puncture, ternary lithium ion battery easy to fire, explosion and lithium iron phosphate battery is not the problem.

How to choose lithium iron phosphate battery?

If you use the lithium iron phosphate batteries, how do you know the battery is good or bad? There is a simple method, that is, power density identification method. It’s the same power battery. Whose weight is light, the lighter the better, the more the worse, second-hand battery may also be, or the battery itself is inferior battery. At present, the good quality of lithium iron phosphate battery power density can be in more than 130, usually at around 100.

Lithium RV battery matters needing attention

If you don’t start touring car, battery will exist long and no use. You must close all the power and check the battery discharge current. If this is the case, you don’t have to close all electrical appliances. Don’t you think you can turn off some of the high power electric appliances, but the small power electrical appliances can be out of the battery. May now be built into the battery discharge maintenance functions, but if stored for a long time, will affect the service life of batteries. Battery is a chemical that needs long time use to stay more active state, otherwise it will reduce the useful service life of battery chemistry. Charge at least once a week. If the battery is faulty, the phenomenon such as sound, smoke, do not use, immediately contact the factory, free replacement.

Which environment is better for storing Lithium RV battery?

The ideal storage temperature between 5 to 20 degrees, the highest 50 degrees. So try to parked the car in a cool place, or add a cover on the lithium rv, prevent the summer heat. Battery run environment should maintain a drab, don’t leakage in damp places, and close the window. In order to prevent rain, it will leak to the short circuit formed in the battery. The battery may not be placed around all kinds of inflammable, explosive, explosive. Once these items appear problem, the battery is more fierce attack, the old and new batteries must be kept apart. Put a fire extinguisher, around the battery so that we can quickly put out the fire.

Can lithium Rv lithium ion battery use high power appliances at the same time?

RV LIFE applications

Lithium RV power system planning capacity is 3000 w, inverter can ensure the normal operation of the high-power electrical appliances. But the pressure of the power system may be too big. Pay attention to the power limitation when using, do not use high-power electrical appliances at the same time. Open air conditioning, open the induction cooker to cook eat, also need to use hair dryer, can cause too much electricity, trigger power maintenance system, power cuts. The power of the lithium RV, very precious, small home appliance leakage often run, electrical appliances on standby function often in imperceptible in power consumption. For example: mosquito killer consume an evening 20 ah. Should be opened during use, shut in time, so as not to waste electricity.


Finally, to be sure the lithium RV battery with inside and outside the maintenance module, a double security system. Internal components controlled by BMS, the external air switch. Maintenance after short circuit overload. If too much electricity, air switch will be closed, we must be manually reset. The battery was the mainspring of lithium RV.

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