Most important things you should know about the solar street lighting system

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The solar street lighting system refers to a set of the independent distributed battery power supply system that constitutes the solar street light with pole. It is an industrial product that will and must be popularized globally in the future. Due to its wide application on facilities that are far away from the power grid-like road lights, outdoor billboards, and bus stops, its economic benefits are becoming more and more obvious.  

What is a solar street lighting system?

The solar family is composed of eight elements, which are solar panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, main light sources, battery boxes, main lamp holders, light poles, and cables. The charging and discharging system adopt the integrated structure of lithium battery and controller, which is a controllable and non-infectious energy storage battery system. The service life of the system is generally as long as 10 years.

Why are solar street lighting system loved by the world?

It is not restricted by region, not affected by the power installation location, and does not need to excavate the road for wiring and pipe buried construction. On-site construction and installation are very convenient, without the need for power transmission and transformation systems, and it does not consume city power, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The comprehensive economic benefits are good, especially in the application of road lights, outdoor billboards, and bus platforms that are far away from the power grid. With so many advantages it brings to benefit our life, the solar family are getting more and more popular by the day and the application is expanding everyday.

Why choose lithium batteries for solar street lighting systems?

The solar battery is an important part of solar street light with pole, which can be divided into three categories, namely lithium battery, lead-acid battery, and gel battery. Lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular in the solar industry because of their longer service life. There are a lot of benefits of using lithium batteries for this system.

1. Lithium batteries are small, lightweight and portable.

In comparison to lithium energy storage and lead-acid batteries with the same performance in solar street light with pole, it weighs around a third and has a volume of around a third of lead-acid gel batteries. Therefore, transportation is easier, and costs are relatively lower.

2. Lithium battery solar street lights can also perform intelligent optimization calculations according to user needs.

Its powerful function lies in the ability to intelligently optimize the calculation of remaining lithium battery capacity, day and night time, weather conditions and other factors, reasonably allocate power consumption levels, and realize functions such as light control, time control, and storage memory, which can ensure that the lights are on every day of the year. Lawn lights are widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors, lawns, and other public places on one side of the road for road lighting.

3. Lithium battery solar street lights are easy to install and maintain.

If you are installing a traditional solar street light with pole, you need to reserve a battery pit and use an embedded box to put the battery in and seal it. Installation of lithium battery solar street lights is much more convenient because lithium batteries can be mounted directly on the bracket using the hanging or built-in type.

For maintenance, lithium-powered led solar street lamp only require removing the battery from the pole or battery panel during repair, while conventional led solar street lamp require digging out the buried battery during repair, which is much more troublesome.


The overall design of the solar family takes into account all aspects.

Firstly, the selected design of peak wattage of photovoltaic modules and the selected design of battery capacity adopt the most common design method at present, and the design idea is scientific. Next, the windproof design from the two-piece battery module holder and streetlight post is analyzed, making the analysis more comprehensive. For the surface treatment, it adopts the most advanced technology at present. And the overall structure of the street lamp is simple and beautiful. Overall, the actual operation proves that the matching between each link is better.

Further discussion

Currently, the initial investment in solar streetlights system is still a major issue that plagues us. However, the luminous efficiency of solar cells is gradually increasing, and the price will gradually decrease. Likewise, the luminous efficacy of solar lighting on the market is increasing rapidly, but the price is falling. Compared with the renewable, clean, and pollution-free solar energy and the environmental protection and energy saving of solar lighting, conventional fossil energy is becoming tenser and tenser, and after use, it will cause increasingly serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, solar street light with pole as a kind of upward outdoor lighting give us infinite vitality and a wide field of view in this industry.

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