How to choose outdoor power station for family camping?

outdoor power station


With the advancement of portable energy storage technology in recent years, outdoor large-capacity portable power supplies that can power outdoor electrical appliances for a long time have gradually entered the lives of ordinary people. As an ordinary family, how to choose an outdoor power station for such weekend parent-child trips in the suburbs, and occasional electricity demand for camping and picnics?

We first understand the difference between outdoor large-capacity portable power stations and micro outdoor power stations:

Portable 12v 42ah Lifepo4 Battery  (also known as outdoor large-capacity portable power supply)

A portable lithium battery is also called an energy storage portable power supply, outdoor large-capacity portable power supply, outdoor power backup power supply, or emergency power supply. It uses lithium batteries as energy storage components and uses AC or DC for input charging (such as AC 220V, car 12V, etc.), the output is AC or DC (For example, AC 220V, and DC 12V, DC 5V, etc.).

Like portable lithium batteries, energy storage power supply banks are systematic power supply solutions, they are included lithium polymer battery packs, protection circuits, DC output circuit boards, AC inverter circuits, charging circuits, etc. Common applications include outdoor travel, earthquake and disaster prevention, and car startup.

Scope of application of energy storage portable power supply: flood prevention and rescue command, electric power repair, emergency command vehicle, portable communication vehicle, outdoor construction, field exploration, natural disaster on-site rescue, emergency reserve, medical equipment, and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, emergency rescue portable lighting for disaster relief and other scenes.

The micro camping power station is a power bank, which provides charging equipment for mobile phones and other electronic devices; the input and output voltage is 5V. A portable charger desegregation power provides charging functions, which may charge mobile phones and different digital devices anytime, anyplace, or with standby power. Generally, metallic element batteries (or dry batteries, less common) square measure used as power storage units, that square measure convenient and fast to use.

How to choose an outdoor power station?

The outdoor large-capacity portable power supply has a power output of 220V/500W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W, but a large power means larger capacity support, and a large capacity means excellent quality. Take the capacity battery 6000wh as an example, the basic weight is close to 45KG, which is no longer “portable”. Therefore, based on the light outdoor scenes of ordinary households, it is recommended that you buy between 500W-1500W, and the weight is 15KG-20KG, which can provide good charging support.

In terms of material, the outer shell of a large-capacity portable power supply generally adopts imported high-strength ABS fireproof material + aluminum profile, which has better anti-fall, anti-seismic, fire-proof, and rain-proof effects.

Due to its small size, large capacity, and mobility, the outdoor large-capacity portable power supply is equivalent to a large-scale portable charging treasure for people who work outdoors. It can be used in emergency rescue, emergency power supply, backup power supply, and other use scenarios.

outdoor power station

How to buy an outdoor power station?

1. Look.
Refers to the appearance, workmanship, size, and craftsmanship of the lithium 48v lifepo4 battery energy storage power supply. From which aspects do you need to look at the appearance and workmanship of the portable power station for camping? We can look at the joints of the shell, whether the seam is wide/there are burrs/ there are oil stains/feels good to the touch, the advanced technology is very comfortable to the touch, after polishing, the rubber oil polishing material it not only feels good but also has strong insulation performance. Sometimes, a lithium car battery can also play an important role.

 2. Selection.

Refers to the selection of good factories and good brands. There are many lithium battery brands, but the quality is difficult to see from the appearance. In this case, you should do more research before choosing, and check the manufacturer’s information online. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshops; factories that have been in the business for a long time are more trustworthy than those who have just entered the field.

 3. Look at the product parameters.

The most necessary parameter of the lithium batteries energy storage power supply bank is the battery. The best choice is a polymer battery as the battery power supply. Compared with traditional ordinary lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries have better safety and longer service life.  Sometimes, the lithium battery price is also a very important factor.


Now more and more self-driving enthusiasts, outdoor travel teams, and individual players have a surge in demand for lithium outdoor power stations. The diversified functions of these products provide users with power supply, lighting, and other purposes outdoors. In the use of earthquake resistance and disaster prevention, lithium battery portable power supplies can respond to power outages, lighting, SOS rescue, and other needs. This is particularly important in severe natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Spaceflight power is 27 years factory in China, our brand Maxworld is selling well, with a burst of praise and praise. Welcome to your selection!

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