What makes the AGM battery required for the automatic start-stop system necessary

Each starting procedure requires a significant quantity of energy from the AGM battery. For the AGM battery to consistently produce a high starting current, it must be in excellent condition. The engine is shut off multiple times during the journey, especially in newer automobiles with automatic start-stop systems. Throughout these times, the deep cycle battery keeps supplying all of the electrical users with power. The charge output of a standard starter battery (SLI) is not intended (i.e. continuous discharging and charging).The only deep cycle battery that can meet these requirements and sustain the load is one that uses start-stop technology.

The AGM battery is charged by the generator as you're driving

In high-demand applications, AGM batteries, have a reputation for being able to perform better and live longer than their flooded lead-acid equivalents. While a person may not think their car makes a lot of demands on its electrical system, if the car has Start Stop technology, it actually makes quite a few demands on the AGM battery. When the engine is off but the car is in use, Start Stop automobiles use AGM battery power to run their accessories. When the car starts to move, they also use deep cycle battery power to restart it. In order to prevent the luminous battery from discharging while traveling, the generator provides electrical consumers such as the entertainment system and navigation system while the vehicle is in motion.

There is a twofold load on the start-stop AGM battery

In cars equipped with start-stop technology, the situation is different. The vehicle’s gel battery experiences numerous starts and pauses as it moves through the town. Even if the engine is off and the car is stopped at a stop sign, electrical consumers like the lights, wipers, radio, and displays still need to be powered. Continuous discharge and charging raises the load.

Short trips in particular are difficult for the battery. The battery’s ability to absorb charges decreases over time, especially in the winter, making it more difficult to dependably guarantee that short trips will result in an adequate recharge. The battery may eventually run out of power to start the engine as a result of this steady battery drain.Luminous  AGM batteries can handle short trips with numerous start-stop phases better than conventional batteries because of the unique technology that keeps their internal resistance significantly lower than that of conventional batteries throughout the entirety of their life. This allows for sufficient charge acceptance over an extended period of time.

Three advantages of start stop AGM batteries

Superior cold-start capabilities

Large cold start currents are present in luminous AGM batteries. They start the starter motor quickly and cut down on its running duration. The engine may be shut off and reactivated multiple times in quick succession without running the danger of having trouble restarting thanks to the cycle stability of AGM batteries. 

AGM battery

Status of charge balance

In more recent automobiles, the agm deep cycle battery is supplied by the brake energy recovery system in addition to being charged by the generator. Normal starting batteries cannot absorb the energy produced by recuperation because they must always be fully charged. AGM batteries have enough “extra” capacity to store the energy produced during braking because they can be operated in the partial charge range.High reserve capacity

All sorts of electrical components are supplied with electricity thanks to the high reserve capacity. AGM technology’s cycle stability maintains the components’ access to power while also offering a strong starting power. Even if the battery is not fully charged due to factors like the supply of electronic consumers and aides at a stop or the generator being briefly disconnected to lessen the burden on the engine.

Interesting Start-Stop Technology Facts

Because these vehicles have higher demands than typical starter batteries, start-stop systems necessitate a luminous AGM battery with modern technology.

A suitable battery technology is necessary for the electrical system architecture in modern vehicles to operate correctly and dependably. Because of this, many vehicles require that new batteries be “registered” in order for the Battery Management System (BMS) to fully utilize the battery’s capabilities. Incorrect battery installation or improper registration can cause the battery to degrade prematurely and cause another breakdown. 

Only EFB or AGM batteries should be used in automobiles with automatic stop-start systems. The existing AGM battery in the car must always be swapped out with another AGM battery.

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