3 steps for connecting a trio of RV gel battery in a series

3 steps for connecting a trio of RV gel battery in a series


Even though some systems in your RV might swear additional on gas power, you may still be using the 12V deep cycle gel battery in your RV fairly systematically. This could become a trouble if you use your RV pretty frequently whether you dont want to empty your battery too low. Its depending on the dimensions and kind of battery you use, you can need to avoid emptying your RV gel battery by over 20-50% while not recharging.

What makes the most effective RV gel battery?

The RV continues to be a well-liked alternative for people who get pleasure from the outside, and it will be incomplete while not the most effective deep cycle battery to power your journey. Even if most campsites have what you would like to hold the lights on, a powerful RV Deep Cycle Battery is usually needed to form the foremost of your excursion. Here are some key parts you would like to trust your RV gel Battery can last.

1. Absorbent glass mat (AGM) style

These vehicular batteries were designed for military use within the 1980s, and are more and more widespread nowadays because of their good performance and sheer electrical responsibility. This strength works well with associate degree RVs stop/start system, rising fuel consumption long-run. The most effective AGM battery can offer the ability for an extended journey and not a watt less.

2. Thick positive plates

Deep Cycle Batteries are essential for long-run RV use because they’re designed to be discharged and subsequently recharged repeatedly there’s no efficiency loss over time. However, this is often not enough; these batteries should even have thick positive plating. Thin plating doesn’t have a life expectancy that you simply would want from the battery you may rely upon. With thicker plates, the battery will deep-cycle additional often, serving your trip higher than any different.

3. High voltage

As with the opposite relevant factors, longevity, as well as high performance are intrinsic to an RV Deep Cycle Battery. You can’t separate this from the batterys voltage. We tend to should say there are still many voltage choices (none of that might ever represent a weak choice), however, a 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery might offer the most effective power. On high of this, its able to link multiple RV gel battery along in a series this compounds the advantages of the ability sources to a degree.

There are 3 steps for connecting a trio of RV gel battery in a series

Battery block connected by wires

Step1: Get the correct battery kinds and sizes

You can produce a setup that connects a series of batteries to supplement the ability supply for your RV. However, you shall be reminded that every battery in the series ought to be the same size. If your primary supply of power may be a 12V deep cycle battery, you must purchase 2 additional similar batteries for this process. If you use lithium RV gel battery, take care your supplemental batteries are all of that same kind.

Step2: Making the connections

Once you’ve got the batteries established, youre able to begin connecting them. Begin with the last RV gel battery in the series by connecting the negative terminal on its battery to the positive terminal on the second battery. The negative terminal of the second battery ought to be connected with the positive terminal on the primary battery. You’ll be able to add extra batteries if you would like them by continuing to follow this connection process.

Step3: Connect to your RV

Once you’ve got the batteries connected, youre able to hook up with your RV. As you consider your series of RV gel battery, you must have a free negative connection on the first battery and a free positive connection on the third battery. If you use two extra cables, connect those terminals with the corresponding terminals on your RV.

You should additionally keep in mind the importance of recharging every RV gel battery one by one. Make sure your charger will accommodate the dimension and kind of your batteries. Disconnect every battery from the series and charge it severally to avoid making an unbalanced charge. Once you’ve got charged all of your batteries, you’ll be able to follow these steps to reconnect the whole series of batteries.


It is forever vital that you simply select the most effective RV gel Battery and this can not be done unless you decide on an AGM model with thick plating. On high of this, you want to create use of your vehicles battery space to make the high-voltage series that may carry you far. At Spaceflight Batteries, we tend to with pride use the strongest plates and styles to keep your RV driving on, specializing in high-quality, long batteries for RVs, cars, and marine vehicles. contact us today for additional details on our batteries.

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