What are the advantages of lithium titanate batteries?

主-lithium titanate batteries

Lithium titanate battery is used in lithium-ion battery anode materials for lithium titanate. With manganese acid lithium, ternary material of lithium iron phosphate compound 2.4 V or 1.9 V lithium-ion secondary battery. In addition, also can be used as the anode and lithium metal or lithium alloy 1.5 V lithium secondary battery.

Lithium titanate (LTO) materials are used as anode materials in the battery. Due to its own characteristics, materials, and electrolyte in the process of charging and discharging cycle reactions easily interact and produce gas. Therefore, ordinary lithium titanate batteries easily bilge gas, causing the batteries to bulge, and the performance will be greatly reduced, so as to reduce the theory of the lithium titanate battery cycle life. Lithium titanate batteries, according to the test data in circulation around 1500-2000 will appear as bilge gas, leading to can’t normal use, it is also the important reason for lithium titanate batteries’ large-scale application.

Lithium titanate (LTO) battery performance improvement is key to single material performance improvement and a variety of materials synthesis of organic integration. To the need for fast charging and long life, in addition to the anode materials, lithium ion batteries of other key raw materials (including anode materials, membrane, electrolyte), combined with the engineering technology of special experience, finally formed a “bloating” lithium titanate LpTO battery products, for the first time realized the large-scale application in electric buses.

According to the test data in 6 c under the condition of charging, 6 c discharge, 100% DOD, lithium titanate LpTO monomer battery cycle life over 25000 times, the residual capacity of more than 80%, the battery produces flatulence is not obvious and does not affect its service life; And the practical application of Chongqing quick charge pure electric bus also showed that the battery assembly, after the completion of the electrical performance is also quite good, can guarantee pure electric bus daily business operations.

Advantages of lithium titanate batteries

1.Good Security and stability

1-Good security and stability

In traditional carbon electrode, once the intercalated-li overcharge, metallic lithium easily precipitate on the electrode surface, and contact with the electrolyte reacts to generate combustible gas, safe hidden trouble. The potential of lithium titanate is higher than that of pure metal lithium, not easy to produce lithium crystal, has stable discharge voltage, and improves the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries. Had a third party testing lithium titanate battery, found in acupuncture, extrusion, such as short circuit under the strict test, no smoke, no fire, no explosion, security is much higher than other lithium batteries. As a result, a lot of the personage inside the course of study thinks, lithium titanate is very suitable for use in a special field of very demanding stability of the battery.

The safety and stability performance of electric vehicles is the most important indicator of consumers. No matter how far range, if the security problem is not solved, the consumers just open untimely cars, titanate, and the super safety performance of lithium-ion batteries will no doubt be favored by consumers.

2.Excellent quick charging performance

Compared with carbon anode materials, lithium titanium oxide batteries has a higher lithium ion diffusion coefficient, high rate charge, and discharge. While greatly shortening the charging time, small impact on the cycle life, thermal stability, and strong. After the test, using the latest technology research and development of titanium acid lithium batteries can be charged in ten minutes or so, which is a traditional qualitative leap of the battery.

Too long charging time is hard to overcome obstacles in the electric vehicle development. General use slow-filling pure electric buses, charging time for at least 4 hours, a lot of pure electric buses charging time for eight hours. Quick charge is the future trend of electric vehicles and consumers don’t want to waste too much time waiting for charging.

3. Long cycle life

Cell cycle life determines the price of new energy cars, which are the future of new energy vehicles from the main point of the competition after the subsidy policy. The extension of car battery cycle life, let the consumer can afford it.

Other traditional lithium-ion batteries, such as batteries, and lithium iron phosphate capacity attenuation in the process of use, obviously shorten the life, not only affecting the normal use of the user but also increasing the cost of the replacement battery. This kind of bad user experience is likely to let the consumer to electric cars, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the new energy automotive industry. Lithium titanate battery good solve these problems.

During the charging and discharging of a lithium titanium oxide battery, lithium ions embedded and embedded will not cause the change of lithium titanate crystal structure, so the structure of lithium titanate material had little influence. Because of this, lithium titanate is also called “zero strain material”. 5 years, with the current “slow filling fast charge for 2 years” compared to the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the lithium titanate battery advantage is very outstanding. According to the test data, the ordinary battery cycle life to an average of 3000 times, and lithium titanate battery is a full charge and discharge cycles of up to 30000 times more. Used as a power battery 10 years later, can be used as an energy storage battery reuse for 20 years. This also means that lithium titanium oxide battery can achieve the same as the vehicle’s life cycle, users don’t need to replace the battery in practical use, almost no increase in subsequent costs.

4. Good temperature resistance

Lithium titanate battery spinel structure with three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion channels, so the lithium titanate battery has excellent performance in high and low-temperature performance. General electric cars in the – 10  to charge and discharge will appear problem. Lithium titanate battery has good wide temperature tolerance and strong durability. Whether it is frozen in the ice, they all can be in negative 50 to negative 60temperature normal charging and discharging. No matter in the north, or in the hot south, vehicles are not affected by the battery “shock”, from the user’s worries.


Lithium titanate batteries these advantages can greatly save charging station construction and personnel costs, more suitable for popularization and application in the field of public transport, the popularization, and application of the public transport system are “main”. China’s new energy bus. New energy vehicles currently promote the highest percentage of passenger cars, according to market feedback quick charge mode is more suitable for the actual demand of the passenger car market. Experience is relevant principals: “a car can be charged, 6-10 minutes drivers can take a break from work, can make up.”

Lithium titanium oxide battery as the anode, and the use of mainstream graphite as the cathode of lithium battery, compared to its share of the market is very small. Data show that in the new energy bus, lithium titanium oxide battery market share of about 3%, far below the lithium iron phosphate battery market share of 88%; in the field of passenger cars, titanium acid lithium batteries and other minority technology, jointly occupies 3% of the market space.

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