Something about EFB Start-stop Battery You Need to Know

Modern automobiles have start-stop systems that are intended to increase gasoline efficiency. By restricting the engines’ idle time, the start-stop mechanism achieves this. The engine’s internal process is then stopped and restarted to make this feasible.

As a consequence, a car battery with enhanced deep cycle durability is required for a low charge state of discharge (which is normal with start-stop systems). In an ideal world, most drivers believe a standard flooded battery will work, but this is incorrect. You need an EFB battery.

Continue reading if you are unsure of what this technology involves. Both the various battery systems and the unique characteristics of EFB will be covered.

What Is an EFB Battery?

Improved Flooded Battery is referred to as EFB. Usually, a damp battery is improved upon. A wet charge, huh? A portable battery with a liquid electrolyte inside is referred to as a wet battery. Sulfuric acid is the fluid used in car batteries. Please read this piece for a basic explanation of batteries if you are unfamiliar with the terminology.

Depending on the nation you reside in, this form of battery is also known as an advanced flood battery or an improved wet-flooded battery (IFB). These batteries were created especially to be a less durable and productive alternative to Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. As a consequence, AGM and common wet-flooded batteries are frequently confused with EFB.

Something about EFB Start-stop Battery You Need to Know

EFB VS Standard Flooded Battery

The performance and longevity of EFB technology are superior to wet-flooded batteries. Let’s begin by contrasting the total number of motor starts that each battery can provide before a recharge is necessary.

The typical engine start capacity of EFB batteries is up to 85,000, compared to the maximum engine start capacity of 30,000 for conventional wet-flooded batteries. About 50,000 more motor starts can be obtained from EFB batteries than from conventional flooded batteries. It follows that an EFB will have a much longer duration than traditional wet-flooded battery technology when used in a start-stop device.

EFB Vs AGM Batteries

EFB batteries are intended to fill the gap between the more expensive AGM battery and the less expensive wet-flooded battery technology.

EFB is essentially built on flooded battery technology advancement. The enhancement involves adding more carbon compounds while the battery plate is being made. AGM batteries, on the other hand, are built on a totally different design. The AGM design includes a higher pressure pack, glass mat dividers, and recombinant lid technology. All of this results in a longer cycle life than the Improved Flooded Battery technology.

As a consequence, high-end vehicles with higher energy demands are better suited for the AGM battery. The vehicle’s numerous technologies, including start-stop systems, regenerative braking, and passive boosting, may account for the high demand.

Because of this, EFB batteries are regarded as inferior to AMG batteries. Only a small number of highly demanding systems with large outputs can be supported by the.

Something about EFB Start-stop Battery You Need to Know

Something about EFB Start-stop Battery You Need to Know

The scrim and acid circulator are the 2 primary major features of EFB batteries.

A polyester component known as the Scrim is placed between the plate and the divider. By keeping the reactive material in position, it serves to stop the erosion of mass. Consequently, the deep cyclic resistance is improved, and the charge absorption is improved. The acid agitator stops the acid from stratifying. This modification uses the vehicle’s inertial motions to keep the acid flowing continuously.

Charge reception and battery life are enhanced as a result of the acid’s homogeneous density levels.

Something You Need to Know about Spaceflight EFB Battery

Long-lasting performance and superior starting strength are provided. We’ll examine this battery’s features in more detail in this evaluation to determine why so many drivers favor it. A top-of-the-line battery with better performance is called a Spaceflight EFB. It is ideal for heavy-duty cars like trucks and SUVs that need high power outputs.

Improved charging efficiency and battery life are two benefits of using spaceflight EFB cells in vehicles. As a result, your vehicle will start up more quickly and you will be able to use features like heated seats, lane assist, cruise control, and infotainment systems for longer.

EFB batteries for spaceflight are made to be corrosion-resistant and offer enduring performance. Battery life is increased by the larger negative grid and full-frame positive grid. The reinforced retainer also guarantees that your car will keep running efficiently, even in the worst weather.

EFB Battery for Small and Mid-sized Vehicles with Start-stop

The next step in the evolution of traditional lead-acid batteries is EFB batteries. The positive plate’s surface is covered with Polyvlies material, which ensures the EFB will last longer. Compared to traditional starter batteries, EFB batteries are distinguished by having a low internal resistance, twice as many charging cycles, as well as a high load capacity.

EFB battery can be used to supply energy to vehicles equipped with basic automatic start-stop system, vehicles are not equipped with start-stop, however, with demanding driving conditions (like in city traffic), and vehicles without start-stop but with a lot of equipment.

If the vehicles are equipped with EFB batteries at the manufacturer, it can also be used to replace. What’s more, an extremely powerful AGM battery can be chosen if the vehicle owner needs even more performance or has a demanding driving style with lots of city traffic.

Why Choose Battery Restrictedly?

A battery sensor keeps track of and is tightly connected to batteries with modern technology, like AGM and EFB, as well as monitoring batteries (BMS). The automatic start-stop system, comfort features, and battery life can all be negatively impacted by using the incorrect cell.

When Is Recommended Changing EFB to AGM?

If there are many electrical consumers, which results in an increase in power consumption, or if maximum usability is needed, upgrading to an AGM battery is always advised. One benefit of AGM batteries is the fuel savings that are made possible by the efficient functioning of the automatic start-stop system, which results in cost savings. Even during stop phases, all onboard network consumers profit from a steady power source, as well as they all function effectively in inclement weather.

Does the EFB Technology Cut the Buck Indeed?

Well, yes it does.

For cars with entry-level start-stop systems, enhanced flooded technology has emerged as a cost-efficient mid-tier choice. The technology, which is currently factory installed in a number of vehicles with entry-level start-stop technology, is also created to satisfy OEM vehicle standards.

Additionally, start-stop vehicles have lesser emission standards than high-performance vehicles. The desire for battery that offer a higher state  charge than AGM battery as well as also offering a lower state of charge than entry-level flooded battery has thus been satisfied by EFB manufacturers.

Advantages of EFB Technology

Benefits for Small Vehicles

The technology offers deep-cycling performance and partial state of charge that are two times better than those of traditional batteries. Both the quantity of engine starts and the length of engine-off time are increasing.

EFB batteries have superior charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries. The technique has a sufficient level of thermal stability. It is therefore ideal for use in sweltering areas like Africa and the Middle East.

The technology is best suited for a car without regenerative braking devices and start-stop technology. Additionally, it is very effective for cars with higher-than-average energy requirements. A demanding driving schedule or numerous electronic components that have been put in the vehicle may be to blame for the demand.

Advantages for Commercial Vehicles

The enhanced grip-to-mass adhesion and positive paste provide the assurance of a high cycling performance. The unusual lid design accounts for the extremely low water usage. High vibration resistance and industry-leading hot melt ensure the finest performance. The plate’s additional carbon addition lessens the acid’s division. For deep discharge options, this offers the best option.

Summary on Technology of EFB

The innovation aims to eliminate the distinction between AGM battery and conventional flooded battery. Its mid-tier powers make it appropriate for start-stop vehicles because those systems need cyclic durability.

The technology also has sufficient thermal stability, making it perfect for hot, temperate areas like Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The article’s last argument is that before replacing the battery in your car, make sure it is an EFB battery. It’s possible that an EFB is installed in the engine of a start-stop system.

We are grateful that you took the time to learn about EFB battery technology, and we trust that you now have a better understanding of it. Visit our website for more details on battery products and upkeep advice, and let us handle all of your battery requirements.

FAQs about EFB

Can a Standard Flooded Battery Tester Be Used to Test an EFB?

Yes, for some. The majority of EFB batteries, however, will test incorrectly using the common flooded test methods. As a result of over reading the CCA number, the battery will be incorrectly diagnosed.

If I Keep the EFB Battery in the Garage over the Winter, Will It Freeze?

There is no need to be concerned so long as the battery is charged.

Something about EFB Start-stop Battery You Need to Know​


The Spaceflight EFB battery is intended to increase the speed and length of your car’s charging. For drivers who expect nothing less than the finest, the Spaceflight EFB Battery is ideal.

Additionally, it is made to be corrosion-resistant and offer enduring effectiveness. You can benefit from your car’s features for a longer period of time. So let’s say you want a battery that will offer the best available performance.

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