Common applications of 6v deep cycle battery


There is a lot of debate about choosing the right battery. 6v deep cycle battery is preferred to 12V battery. And for good reason.

Without a doubt, 6v deep cycle battery last longer than 12 volt battery. With its deep cycle construction style, battery drainage and charging have no negative impact on battery life, making it a popular choice.

What is a deep cycle battery

Deep cycle batteries look similar to car batteries, but are exactly they are very different. Deep cycle batteries are designed to provide sustained power over a longer period than car batteries, which provide only brief bursts of energy. Deep cycle batteries can discharge up to 80%, but most manufacturers recommend not discharging less than 45%. Frequently exceeding this point will shorten battery life.

What's the difference between a 6v deep cycle battery and a 12 volt deep cycle battery

In addition to the obvious voltage difference between 6 and 12 volt batteries, other factors set them apart. When weight and cost are not important factors and higher power is required, you should use a 12 volt deep cycle battery rather than the 6v deep cycle battery option.

6v deep cycle battery uses heavier plates in each cell and generally have longer service life than 12-volt batteries. They can last 4 to 8 years, depending on battery maintenance, type, and use. In addition, the 6-volt battery weighs less than the 12-volt battery, making it easier to operate and move around.

How do I connect a 6v deep cycle battery

It is important to know how to properly connect a 6 volt deep cycle battery. There are two main battery wiring modes: series and parallel.

Connecting batteries in series add the voltage of the two batteries but keeps the same number of ampere-hours. To connect batteries in series, connect the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second battery. Connect the open positive and negative terminals to your application using another set of cables.

You can connect two 6v deep cycle battery in series so that they can output 12-volt power. However, when you use a battery connected in series, it will only charge to the battery capacity with the lowest ampere-hour capacity.

Parallel batteries will increase your current rating, but the voltage will remain the same. To connect the batteries in parallel, connect the positive terminal to another jumper to connect the negative terminals of the two batteries. Negative to negative and positive to positive.

When two 6 volt deep cycle batteries are connected in parallel, their combined voltage will still be 6 volts, but their ampere-hour capacity will equal the sum of the batteries.

Here are some common applications for 6v deep cycle battery:

Backup power supply for uniterruptible power supply (UPS)

Because of their long life, 6 volt deep cylce battery is often used as a reliable power source to store energy. The 6v deep cycle battery is widely used as a UPS for minicomputer systems or home alarms with its high ampere capacity due to its wide inner surface. In addition, it can even store energy for a long time for future use.

Trailer homes or recreational vehicles

For trailer owners or people who use recreational vehicles, traveling in remote areas for long periods without appliances can be challenging. If the only way to keep an appliance working is through a battery as a source of power, finding the right battery becomes a priority. The 6v deep cycle battery offers a high ampere capacity, is lightweight, does not overflow (AGM models), and is relatively affordable, making it an ideal choice.

The electric car

The 6v deep cycle battery provides lasting power for rechargeable vehicles. Electric bikes, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, and other such vehicles are powered by 6V deep cycle batteries. While using a 6v deep cycle battery requires multiple batteries to be used, each battery is equipped with a wide internal surface to achieve a large ampere capacity.

This large ampere capacity ensures low heat dissipation and discharge rates, thus ensuring the life of the power supply.

As innovation advances, electric vehicles can use multiple low-voltage batteries, which are a cost-effective solution to battery failure and battery replacement compared to high-voltage batteries.

Maxworld deep cycle battery 3-EVF-200

High energy lighting in flashlights and flashlights

If you’ve ever camped or hiked, you know the difference between using a regular home flashlight and one designed specifically for outdoor activities. The flashlights or torches we often use in our homes have limited power, extremely short battery life, and run out quickly. This rarely happens when you’re exploring the wilderness in uncharted territory.

While 6V lead-acid AGM batteries are typically used for heavier applications, they are also ideal for camping or hiking flashlights, providing high power lighting and high capacity energy storage.


The 6v deep cycle battery can be used for a variety of applications and can be connected in series to power 12, 24, and 48-volt systems. The main advantage of using a 6 volt deep cycle battery instead of a 12-volt battery is the additional ampere-hours you can use to power your UPS, the electric car, and energy lighting. Using a battery with a higher ampere-hour rating will improve the operating time of the device on a single charge. Using 6V deep cycle batteries rather than high-voltage batteries is a better choice because of their durability and ampere-hour capacity. Welcome to your inquiry about 6v deep cycle battery.

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