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These days, stop-start systems are a frequent feature on new cars, and they are a system that is generally well understood. A battery with additional capabilities is needed for this type of demanding task. The start stop battery plays a role in this.

When your automobile stops, the system shuts off the engine rather than idle it.

When you release the brakes, the engine starts up again, and you may move forward. It is simple.

It takes some getting used to because, to a novice, it seems strange to have the engine entirely off when all you do is stop at a stop sign, but there’s no denying that it’s a smart system.

It was created with two key advantages in mind: saving fuel and lowering pollution. Have logic.

Your engine is not using fuel or emitting pollution if it is not running.

Although many may contend that these savings and cuts are modest, every little bit counts, right?

While the start stop system is intended to be more environmentally and financially friendly, it doesn’t get along well with batteries.

In actuality, the battery has to work harder.

A typical automotive battery, also referred to as an LSI (lighting, starting, and ignition) battery, is made to provide the engine with a few good cranking shocks per day.

The same operations must be carried out repeatedly throughout the day in start stop systems. It takes effort.

Additionally, a continuous start stop capability is required.

Everything else you need to utilize when the engine isn’t operating is the same as it would be in any other vehicle.

Everything else you want to use when the engine isn’t operating, like the infotainment system, lighting, the air conditioner, and the phone charger, gets its power from the battery, just like it would in any other type of car.

automatic start stop battery

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The alternator charges the start stop battery during driving

The start-up procedure is often a single occurrence in vehicles without an autonomous start stop mechanism. If the generator is running, the start stop battery won’t be depleted while traveling because it powers consumer electronics like entertainment systems and navigational tools while the vehicle is moving.

start stop battery

There is a double load on the start stop battery

The situation is different for vehicles equipped with stop-start technology. The battery cycles through a number of start and stop phases as it moves around the town. Even if the car is stopped at a stop sign and the engine is off, appliances like lights, wipers, radios, and monitors still require power. Continuous charging and draining will increase the load.

Batteries face difficulties, particularly on short travels. A sufficient charge cannot always be ensured on short travels, especially with older batteries whose charge acceptance reduces in the winter. Due to gradual battery drain brought on by this, the battery eventually loses its ability to start the engine. AGM batteries are better able to handle short excursions with several start stop phases because of a unique technology that makes their internal resistance significantly lower over the course of their entire life cycle than conventional batteries.

start stop battery types  

ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat) Battery  

It is designed to meet the requirements of entry-level start stop technology, also referred to as Advanced Flooded Batteries (AFB) or Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB).

The typical lead-acid immersion technology used in LSI batteries has been improved with this battery.

It is more resilient, permits a more steady flow of power, has deep cycle capability (which enables deeper usage of its capacity without compromising performance), faster charging capabilities, and a longer cycle life (how many times it can be charged and discharge before expiration).

EFB battery

Absorbent glass mat battery (AGM)

It is the most modern lead acid technology; instead of remaining as a free-flowing liquid, the acid is absorbed into the fiberglass material.

AGM batteries are ideal deep cycle batteries because they are maintenance free, fast charging, and offer high power output, improved cycle life, and continue to provide high cranking power even at low battery charge.

Additionally, AGM batteries can be utilized with regenerative braking systems, a feature seen in electric and hybrid cars that enables the energy produced when an electric motor brakes to be channeled towards battery charging.

start stop technology can be employed with either battery type, but they are not interchangeable. AGM batteries can be used in place of ECM batteries, however only AGM technology is compatible with vehicles built with AGM batteries. Not even a typical LSI battery ought to be taken into account.

AGM battery


Every start-up procedure uses a significant amount of the car’s battery’s energy. To consistently produce high beginning current, the battery must be in excellent condition. The engine shuts down multiple times while you’re driving, especially in contemporary cars with automatic start stop systems. All powered gadgets continue to receive power from the battery during these periods. SLI) are not intended for this charge output for conventional starter batteries (ie, continuous discharge and charge).

These demands and strain can only be met by start stop battery with start stop technology.

This is why vehicles with automatic start stop systems should only have EFB or AGM batteries fitted. Any time an AGM battery is removed from a vehicle, another AGM battery must always be put in its place.

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