Is Cylindrical Lithium Battery or Prismatic Lithium Battery Better?

Lithium battery is employed during a very wide range. Once we mention lithium battery format, we have a tendency to mention three main forms: cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells, while every form of battery cell is healthier suited to totally different things. Every packaging has its own blessings and drawbacks, however in spite of the particular application you are looking at, once it comes time to really choose a lithium battery for your own uses, you may have two major choices accessible to you. Cylindrical and prismatic metal batteries are quite common in today’s trendy, tech-driven world, and every brings with them their own distinctive sets of benefits and best practices that are definitely value exploring, that we’ll review during this article.

What is cylindrical lithium Battery?

Cylindrical metal batteries, because the name suggests, feature electrodes that are cased during a cylindrical cell that’s wound very tightly among a specially designed metal casing. This distinctive makeup helps to reduce the possibilities that the conductor material within can slash, even below the heaviest of use conditions. Problems like mechanical vibrations, thermal sport from charging and discharging, and also the mechanical enlargement of current conductors are all things which will have an effect on a battery’s life. Therefore, the planning of those cylindrical units is meant to assist mitigate risk from these and different factors the maximum amount as attainable. On the within of a cylindrical battery, a series of cells are combined and operate in parallel to at least one another. This is often done to assist increase each the voltage and also the overall capability of the battery pack.

For these reasons, 18650 batteries are sometimes are found within the said medical device systems. Smaller, a lot of specially designed cylindrical cells also are normally found in moveable devices like portable computer computers. Notably, Tesla conjointly created headlines recently by choosing cylindrical metal batteries to power its fleet of well-liked electrical cars.

With their cylindrical form and build, cylindrical cells are one in all the primary sorts of factory-made batteries and to the current day still be created in high volumes and dominate sure applications. On the opposite hand, prismatic cells gained quality thanks to their giant capability, skinny profile and effective use of house. Their prismatic form makes it straightforward to attach multiple cells along, making an even bigger battery pack. Finally, pouch cells, with their sealed versatile foil acting because the instrumentation, are proverbial for having a lot of light-weight structure.

What is prismatic lithium battery?

A prismatic lithium battery, on the opposite hand, options a cell that has been casing in either metallic element or steel, chiefly for the needs of increased stability. This, in turn, creates many key blessings right out of the gate. As a result of this distinctive construction and makeup, prismatic metal batteries tend to be terribly skinny, flash and provide an efficient use of house.

Because the oblong form of your average prismatic cell offers much better layering than different choices, they generally provide engineers the next level of flexibility once planning product that may sooner or later feature prismatic batteries as power sources. as a result of that, it ought to come back as no surprise that prismatic batteries are generally found in smartphones, tablets, and similar sorts of electronic devices wherever quality may be a major priority. Thanks to these properties, modern-day prismatic batteries also are normally employed in larger crucial applications like energy storage systems and in electrical powertrains.

Cylindrical lithium Battery VS Prismatic lithium Battery

Case and form

In a shell, cylindrical cells are cylindrical in form and assign more room. They’re the foremost normally used cell sort thanks to their lower value. These are usually employed in portable computer batteries and even EVs.

Cylindrical cells will offer a more robust automation method and techniques that increase consistency and might handle high internal pressures while not deforming. they’ll be made at a far quicker rate and are less expensive than prismatic cells. They even have higher temperature management than prismatic cells. Their main downfall is that they assign more room. Prismatic cells, on the opposite hand, are designed are skinny and light-weight. They’ll use either steel or metallic element casing, which makes them a lot of stable. Sadly, this implies they’re dearer to manufacture. These are usually employed in smaller batteries like phone and pill batteries.

Prismatic cells, on the opposite hand, are lighter designed to conserve house. This makes it straightforward to attach four cells along and build a 12V battery pack. While as being costlier, their agent layering and rectangular form mean that the merchandise designer has a lot of alternative. They aren’t without their disadvantages. If one prismatic cell fails, the entire battery pack is going to be affected.

2-Structure of a prismatic lithium battery

Cylindrical cells are the well-liked cell by most makers thanks to the lower cost, however prismatic cells are nice if house is your concern. Luckily, the technology close prismatic cells is up thanks to the demand for smaller battery.

Advantages and disadvantages


The technology of cylindrical metallic element batteries has been around for quite your time, therefore the yield and consistency of the pack is high. The value of pack is additionally low, that permits them to be appropriate for production. The cylindrical battery is especially convenient for its form of combos and quality for electric-vehicle styles.

The packaging shell of a prismatic metallic element battery is generally manufactured from Al alloy and chrome steel. The inner a part of the battery adopts a winding or laminating method. The structure is comparatively easy, and also the production method isn’t sophisticated.

Compared with cylindrical lithium batteries, these batteries are safer. As a result of they’re not like cylindrical batteries that use higher strength chrome steel because the shell and accessories with explosion-proof safety valves, the general weight is lighter, and also the energy density is comparatively higher.


For cylindrical metallic element batteries, there’s a coffee automation level because of the problem in having such a lot of differing types of metallic element batteries. The monomers are also quite different, and there may be cases where groups of prismatic lithium battery packs are far below the life of a single lithium battery.

On the opposite hand, prismatic metallic element battery is typically prepackaged in steel or Al shells, creating them significant with a coffee specific energy.


None of this can be to mention that cylindrical metallic element batteries square measure inherently “better” than their prismatic lithium batteries, or the other way around. As is usually the case with these kinds of things, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to battery choice. A lot of your call can ultimately return right down to the ultimate application and also the quantity of risks and potential disadvantages that you are willing to simply accept as a result. There’ll be some things wherever a prismatic battery fully makes the foremost sense. There’ll be things wherever cylindrical batteries seem to be the logical alternative.

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