Can I use solar panels without batteries

With all the hum of the solar cell, you might want to know whether they are essential to the solar equipment. Can you use solar panels without batteries? The short answer is, yes, you can. In some cases, with alternate solar battery is good, but it’s not necessary for everyone.

The following is solar battery can help some of the Settings, and in some Settings, insist to use simple rooftop solar panels may be a feasible method that use solar panels without batteries.

Grid, the grid is like a giant battery

(just before sunrise in the morning or when the sun is still weak) and in the evening (when the sunshine is disappearing) is solar energy production but lower energy demand is higher. You are waking up and prepare for the day, or are cooking dinner with the children and do the homework. It is when you need a lot of power, but when the solar panels production just gained momentum or decrease gradually.

At the time (especially at night), often using solar energy for electricity from the grid, power grid as a huge energy backup systems. When the sun shines, you can use the new solar power, rather than you draw power from the grid.

This set is called grid system. This can be considered to be a “store energy” without battery system.

When the sun shines in full, you are likely to produce more energy than you need. If you live in a net energy metering state, you can put the extra power back to the grid and get credit. This is essentially the energy stored in the grid for future use. When you need power at night, your system will reverse and pull the power that you need. Even if you don’t generate additional electricity, if you are connected to the grid, you can still pull out from the power grid.

If you install the battery, do not need too much power grid, if any. You store your energy and energy from the. The grid is backup backup.

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Hybrid system: when the battery is the most available

Backup battery system is perhaps the most suitable for those

Living in the district of power grid is unreliable

Live in natural disaster-prone areas

If you are just like 100% completely independent of the grid or use clean energy ideas, so the battery may be your answer. Although only will be back in their own clean energy from the grid will be very good, but this is not necessarily how it works. When you pull grid power, it comes from a common pool, which may include from fossil fuel resources of the factory.

Hybrid system is solar battery and power grid connection all work together. Battery is set to maximize the use your own solar (rate area to save some cost in using time), and in the power grid failure is available. Under normal circumstances, if your own solar and battery power is not enough, you will be able to use grid power.

Off-grid: need batteries

If you live in the absence of the central utility grid remote and isolated areas, you will need a battery storage devices to capture your solar power for later use. If you want to in the evening when the system did not generate light up the lamp, it is very important.

When you may not need solar cells

When you may not need solar cells

If you can get from the grid in the electricity and not particularly worried about power, may solar panels without batteries. Most of America’s electricity problem can be repaired within a few hours or a day or two.

A typical solar cell can the size of the storage capacity in the case of a power outage for about a day or two of the power supply for the critical loads. Therefore, although the solar cell can eliminate the power loss, but this is a weigh the battery cost and benefit for you.

Without energy storage using solar energy alone, only extracted from power grid, will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. But if you’re bothered by the idea of getting your power from a fossil fuel plant, another option is to choose to use only the utility’s renewable energy when your panels aren’t producing. These renewable program is not yet available anywhere, so please contact your utility providers, see if it suits you.

Finally, although the battery itself can make you eligible for state rebates, such as California SGIP, but some state and local rebate and incentive rate applies only to connect to the power grid system. So, if you count on tax cuts and incentives, please make sure that you know that if you completely off the grid, if you qualify.

If you get a battery and maintain a connection to the grid, you still qualify. Before get rid of the dependence on the grid, please make sure that you know you want to take advantage of the provisions of any program.

If you have any questions, Maxworld Power to understand all the ins and outs. Feel free to ask!

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