2 most common problems with lithium rechargeable coin cell batteries

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Lithium coin cell battery because of small volume, is widely used in various kinds of micro electronic products. Range from 4.8 mm to 30 mm in diameter, the thickness range from 1.0 mm to 7.7 mm. They typically used as a backup power supply of various kinds of electronic products. Such as computer motherboard, electronic watches, electronic dictionary, electronic scales, electric toys, remote control, heart pacemakers, electronic hearing aid, counter, camera, etc.;

Classification of lithium rechargeable coin cell batteries

Coin cell lithium rechargeable battery is divided into two categories: lithium polymer battery and the physical and the chemical battery is the most common. They are made up of anode (positive), the cathode (negative) and its composition of electrolyte. As shown in the picture on the right. Its appearance made of stainless steel materials, used as the anode. The cathode is stainless steel round cover. Across the insulation between the sealing ring. Sealing ring made of nylon. In addition to the purpose of insulation, sealing ring can also prevent the electrolyte leakage. . There are many kinds of lithium coin battery, mostly named after the materials used, such as silver oxide batteries, lithium-ion batteries, alkaline manganese batteries.

Do lithium rechargeable coin cell batteries explode?

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Lithium polymer battery explosion is the cause of the battery size is too large, causing internal thermal expansion and electrolyte vaporization. In this stage, the battery will expansion deformation. If the battery is a metal seal shell, shell may burst release of energy and explosion. The most seriously, it may further ignition volatile flammable gas in the battery cause secondary explosions. Explosion is the premise of the battery itself must have enough power and resistance is small enough. Small capacity battery short circuit will only be fever, do not explode. Internal resistance of battery or even no heat, the possibility of explosion is smaller. Lithium ion batteries are generally protected with a plate, so after a short circuit will be protected, not the explosion. If a battery is naked, under 1000 mah explosion possibility is very small. Lead-acid battery is divided into totally enclosed and open. Open type charging except spark explodes. A short circuit will not explode, power poles is more likely to be destroyed. Fully enclosed colloid battery internal resistance is big, a short circuit will beat quickly.

lithium coin battery how to store?

lithium coin battery maintenance methods:

Can be removed and put in plastic bags or other place to moisture proof. Button cell battery, is also called the coin batteries, refers to the batteries, coin shape smaller generally larger diameter, thinner (relative to the AA batteries on the market such as cylindrical battery). coin cell lithium polymer battery classification by appearance. Equivalent classification including cylindrical battery, squares and special-shaped battery.Sometimes, lithium car battery can also play an important role.

Lithium-ion coin battery storage is not easy to low:

2-The hierarchical structure of lithium-ion coin batteries

Nickel batteries and lithium battery, in the process of use or store the environmental temperature and humidity have strict requirements. In all environmental factors, the temperature effect on the performance of the battery charge and discharge, the largest in the electrode/electrolyte interface electrochemical reactions related to the environment temperature, the heart of the electrode/electrolyte interface was seen as the cell battery. If the temperature drops, the electrode reaction rate will decline. Maintains a constant assumes that the battery voltage, discharge current, battery power output will decrease. If the temperature increases, the opposite, that is, the battery output power increases, the temperature will affect the transfer speed of the electrolyte. Temperature rise faster, transfer printing temperature drop, transfer printing slow, battery charging and discharging performance would also be affected. However, if the temperature is too high, more than 45 ° C, you will spoil in the chemical balance of the battery, cause side effects. High environmental humidity will speed up the self-discharge of the battery, is not conducive to long stored even short circuit of the battery.Sometimes, the lithium battery price is also a very important factor.

How to hold lithium coin battery in the cold environment?

As far as possible to prevent the battery in extremely cold weather outside, pay attention to the temperature of the battery outside; The battery stored in low temperature environment can slow down the battery self-discharge rate, but should pay attention to prevent dewing before use.


As electronic watches, calculator, lighters, camera, such as the rising popularity of household appliances, lithium rechargeable coin cell batteries are becoming more and more widely applied. All sorts of fake lithium coin battery also. So everyone at the time of purchase coin battery must be careful, know how to store, to avoid the battery explosion.

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