Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?

Cars need more energy

Modern cars need more energy, and the start stop battery is heavily taxed by the increasing number of technological parts and comfort features. Additionally, because of legal requirements to reduce CO2 emissions, manufacturers must integrate automatic start-stop systems. As start-stop battery producers proliferate, start-stop batteries are swiftly taking over.

Provide stable power supply for vehicles

Only high performance car batteries, such EFB or AGM batteries, are able to meet these heightened demands and deliver a steady power source within the automobile. Only batteries of the same type can be used to swap out a start-stop system’s battery.If your car uses EFB batteries, it is recommended to upgrade to AGM batteries. An AGM start stop battery, however, can be appropriate for vehicles without start-stop technology in some situations.

Dyvinity battery based on AGM Technology

Even expensive cars with power-hungry gadgets can use DYVINITY Start-Stop batteries. We took all of that into account when designing our batteries, including driving on bumpy roads and vehicles with aftermarket equipment that tend to drain the start stop battery. Future cars will be powered by the same technology. Your most suitable choice is DYVINITY batteries with AGM technology.

Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?

The differences between start-stop batteries and different types of start-stop batteries, the best replacement batteries, and the benefits of upgrading are all outlined below.

What makes the start-stop battery unique?

IStart-stop technology is intended to shut off the car’s engine when it comes to a halt, like at a stop sign, then restart it when the driver hits the gas pedal. Reduced idling time is the main goal of a start-stop system, which also reduces fuel consumption and pollutants.. Cars with Start-Stop systems, however, also put more strain on the start stop battery.The Start-Stop battery has to contend with several discharge and recharge cycles throughout the length of a city drive, as opposed to traditional automobiles where the start stop battery only needs to deliver a large current to turn the starter motor at the beginning of a trip. Additionally, the start stop battery must continue to power ancillary systems like lighting, air conditioning, and in-car entertainment while the engine is off.

The lead acid stop start car battery operates within a relatively small Sta te of Charge window, as explained in the article on “Car Battery Life and Maintenance,” and if the stop start car battery is discharged below its design limits or deep cycled, sulfation speeds up and reduces the battery’s capacity to accept a charge, resulting in a shorter life cycle.Manufacturers have created technologies that guarantee cyclability and deep-draw while preserving durability to meet these expectations.

Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?

Types of start-stop Batteries
EFB Batteries

By increasing the electrolyte reservoir, the capacity to cycle is considerably improved, and improvements in the negative grids’ construction—which commonly use an alloy of lead, calcium, and tin—lead to longer service lives and less water loss.

EFB batteries are frequently used in cars with basic start-stop systems, usually without brake energy recovery.

Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?

Only use an EFB or AGM battery to replace an EFB.

Stop-Start technology turns off the engine automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop, reducing exhaust gas pollutants and fuel consumption. Normal automotive batteries are unable to handle the tremendous demands brought on by discharge during stop-and-go periods. When an AGM or EFB stop start car battery is replaced with a regular one, the battery quickly degrades and will eventually break down. A battery that is compatible with the car’s battery management system must be used for best performance. It is possible to switch from an EFB battery to an AGM battery, which improves the performance of the automated start-stop system and reduces fuel consumption.

AGM Battery

AGM batteries are specifically designed for larger, more sophisticated stop-start vehicles that use additional energy-saving systems to reduce fuel consumption, such as brake regeneration and energy management. AGM batteries are also slightly more expensive!

AGM batteries excel in terms of performance and durability. The glass fiber mat used as a separator in an AGM battery absorbs the electrolyte, preventing the battery acid from leaking.

AGM batteries, like EFB batteries, must be replaced with equivalent batteries.

Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?

When is it worthwhile to upgrade?
AGM batteries quench your thirst for power.

Modern small and medium-sized cars frequently come with a variety of electrical aids and convenience amenities, such heated seats or mirrors. In addition to this, there are elements like central locking systems and navigation systems that are frequently included as standard equipment, even in small automobiles. Even more electrical components are added to premium class, SUV, and sports cars, which the battery must power in all driving conditions and weather. In these circumstances, upgrading to an AGM battery could be beneficial, even for cars without automatic stop-start technology to assure enhanced dependability. Start stop battery price is sometimes a very important factor.

Seasonal vehicle use

Numerous convertibles, antique cars, and second cars are frequently only used during the summer and stored for several months during the winter. Since the alternator is not charging the agm start stop battery during this time, it is advised to keep it charged with an appropriate agm start stop battery charger. Due to the bonded electrolyte, acid stacking and sulfation are less likely to occur, allowing for significantly better recharging and longer capacity. This guarantees a strong start to the season.

Which battery is suitable for a start-stop car?


Modern batteries are required for the start-stop system since the basic start agm start stop battery cannot support the high demands of these cars. For modern automobiles’ electrical systems to function smoothly and dependably, compatible start and stop battery technology is required.

Therefore, these start and stop battery types can be used with stop-start technologyEFB or AGM batteries. AGM batteries can replace EFB batteries, but only AGM technology should be used in cars that can accommodate AGM batteries.

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The AGM lead acid battery’s label must thus include the term “AGM,” the full phrase “Absorbent Glass Mat,” or terms like “Dry Cell,” “Sealed Regulator,” “No Spill,” or “Regulator.”However, it is challenging to separate AGM from gel cells without the labeling.AGM car battery is also often used.

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