Lithium Iron Phosphate and Nickel Manganses Cobalt: Which lithium ion option is the best

The two most well-liked sorts of Li particle batteries for star storage, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) are each solid choices for owners of United Nations agency wish to store the energy their star systems manufacture. However, that one is right for you?

What is an NMC Battery

An NMC battery may be a kind of lithium iron phosphate. NMC batteries have a cathode made from a mixture of nickel, manganese, and cobalt. You’ve most likely used NMC batteries a lot of usually than you understand, which power smartphones, laptops, and electrical vehicles. They’re additionally one among the foremost well-liked choices for solar storage.

NMC batteries overtook lead acid batteries because the most well liked selection for star storage because they last longer, store a lot of energy, and need less maintenance. In fact, several of the foremost well-liked star batteries on the market nowadays are NMC batteries.

What is a LFP Battery

LFP batteries have a lithium iron phosphate cathode (LiFePO4). The iron and phosphate wont to create the cathode are a lot of abundant and fewer valuable than a number of the materials employed in NMC batteries – in the main cobalt. Additionally, the materials in lithium phosphate batteries are way less cytotoxic than those in NMC, creating them easier to recycle at the tip of their life.

Recently, a lot of and a lot of corporations are producing LFP cells as critical NMC for home energy storage, principally as a result of LFP batteries are safer and a lot of stable (we’ll get a lot of into that during a minute).


There are some key things to think about once you’re buying an electrical device, as well as the battery’s performance, its time period, its safety, the cost, and its overall worth. Let’s take a glance at how NMC and LFP batteries heap up against each other.

Performance Winner: Tie

In general, the general performance of NMC and lithium iron phosphate cells are just similar. You can find both types in a variety of sizes, from as very little as 3kWh to over 20kWh. Most owners solely would like around ten kWh of storage, which you’re certain to realize from each sorts.

With that same, there are some slight variations between the two LFPs are slightly a lot of economical and may operate a touch higher once the state of charge is low compared to NMCs, however NMCs will higher stand up to colder temperatures. However, you almost certainly won’t get to worry regarding this if your battery is put in within, or if your space doesn’t expertise important temperature extremes.

NMC batteries even have a better energy density, which means that their physical sizes are smaller than LFP batteries of a similar capability. This isn’t sometimes a priority for owners, however if you are doing have restricted area then you’ll have to be compelled to think about associate NMC battery.

Lifespan Winner: LFP

As you use a battery, it loses a number of its ability to carry a charge. Consider your mobile phone – you almost certainly have to be compelled to charge it a lot of time currently than you probably did after you initial got it. a similar factor happens to star batteries.

Degradation happens more slowly with lithium phosphate batteries, therefore they’re able to store and unharness a lot of electricity than NMC batteries over time. Confine mind that the standard of the battery also will play a task in however long it’ll Lastly, therefore you would possibly wish to browse through the merchandise assurance before you create a call.

A cheap, poorly created LFP battery may not survive a high-quality NMC battery. But, you’re most likely not attending to bump into several shoddy batteries, farewell as you decide on a good installer.

Battery lifespan

Safety Winner: LFP

One of the largest edges of selecting associate LFP battery is its safety. The mix of lithium iron phosphate is a lot of stable than nickel manganese cobalt at higher temperatures.

Whats more, lithium iron phosphate cells will higher handle larger attracts of power. Owing to this, lithium phosphate batteries are less possible to expertise thermal runaway. To form it short, LFP cells are less possible to catch a fire than NMC batteries.

This isn’t to mention that if you put in associate NMC battery it’s attending to impromptu combust. But, if associate NMC battery experiences an excessive amount of stress or is handled improperly, there’s a better probability of things going awry, which is often why it’s vital to use a licensed, trustworthy installer for your battery to attenuate any possibilities of things going wrong.

Value Winner: LFP

We did simply say that NMC batteries price less direct, however, LFP lithium batteries offer you a touch a lot of bang for your buck.

It’s vital to think about what proportion electricity you’re able to get out of your battery to actually verify what’s the simplest worth, and in several cases, LFP lithium ion battery start on high owing to their longer time period.


Based on the general worth, we’d suggest trying into lithium iron phosphate batteries for your star storage system. Even supposing they could have a rather higher tag, LFP batteries last longer, have higher safety ratings, and perform even as well as NMC batteries on most metrics.

But that’s to not say you ought to all out avoid NMC batteries. NMC batteries still do a good job at storing alternative energy, therefore if it’s easier for you to urge your hands on one, by all means that accompany the NMC. You’ll additionally wish to think about associate NMC battery if you’re restricted on what proportion area you have got to put in a battery.

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