How many RV solar panels do you need
How many RV solar panels do you need

How many solar panels does the average RV need? For aspiring solar RV owners, these are common problems. Determine your need how many RV solar panels you first need to know what your goal is.

Do you want to try to reduce your carbon footprint? To maximize your return on investment? Save money as much as possible?

Most people want to save money while minimizing the impact on the environment.

To calculate how much you need to RV solar panels, you need to know:

1. Your average energy needs

2. Your current energy consumption (in watts)

3. The climate and amount of sunlight in your area

4. The efficiency of the caravan solar panels you are considering

5. The physical size of the solar panel you are considering

Answer the question “how much do I need for solar panels” problem is a simple way of consulting professional solar installation personnel, they can provide you with a free RV solar energy assessment.

How much solar energy do you need

How much solar energy do you need
How much solar energy do you need

Make sure your average energy demand, please check the last utility bills. You can through the family’s energy demand per hour multiply your area of the peak time, and then divided it by the panel of the wattage to calculate how much you need solar panels. Because there are a lot of solar panels you can choose, such as 10 watt solar panel, 20 watt solar panel, 50 watt solar panel, 100 watt solar panel, 150 watt solar panel, 250 watt solar panel, 300 watt solar panel, 500 watt solar panel, 1000 watt solar panel. If you want to know each type of solar panel price, Feel free to contact Maxworld Power.

Using low power (150 W) and high power (370 W) samples to determine the range (for example 17-42 panels can produce 11000 kWh/year). Please note that the size of the roof and roof for the amount of sunlight are also factors.

If you cooperate with experienced solar installation personnel, they will handle all these calculations for you. If you’re looking for a calculator to calculate how many PV panels do I need?” Don’t hesitate anymore. You can use Maxworld Power Design Studio to estimate your own system size, save the cost of a month, and your own solar panels on the roof of the actual appearance.

How many watts are you currently using

View your electricity bill in order to understand the average usage. Find the “use of kilowatt-hours (KWH)” or similar content, and then write down the length of time represented (usually 30 days). If your bill is not shown to use KWH, please find the start and end of the meter reading, and from the recent minus the previous readings in the readings.

You need us to calculate the daily and hourly usage, so if your bill did not show the daily average, just put the monthly or annual average divided by 30 days or 365 days, respectively, and then divided by 24 can identify your average power consumption per hour. Your answer to kw for the unit. (in case you want to know, one thousand kilowatt-hours is at any given time you use electricity total time multiplied by the use of electricity.)

The temperate small RV may use about 2 kWh per month, while a larger south family most of hold energy use (air conditioning) may be used 2-kilowatt hours or more. The American family USES an average of about 9 kWh. So it’s 30 watt-hours or 1.25 KWH per hour every day.

Your average daily energy use is part of the daily average solar energy demand. If you want to meet most (if not all) of the electricity demand, so this is you need RV solar system to produce the number of kilowatt-hours.

It is important to note that solar panels are not run 24 hours a day with the highest efficiency. (see solar 101: how does solar power work?) . For example, the weather conditions may temporarily reduce the efficiency of the system. Therefore, experts advise on your target day average 25% increase in “buffer”, in order to ensure that you can produce all the clean energy.

How many hours of sunshine can you expect in your area

solar panel on the van
solar panel on the van

Sunshine time will directly affect your specific location of the peak you can expect your RV solar system to produce energy. For example, if you live in Phoenix, you can expect more than the peak sunshine time you live in Seattle. This does not mean that the Seattle RV owners cannot use solar energy. It just means RV owners need more panels.

Renewable resources data center at the state and major cities to provide information sunshine.

Now, will you use per hour (see question 1) multiplied by 1000, which converts your capacity per hour to watt? Will your average hourly wattage needs to be divided by your area’s peak sunshine hours per day. This gives you a panel per hour to produce energy. Therefore, won five peak sunshine hours in a day, the average American family power (900 kWh per month) to 6000 watts.

What affects the output efficiency of RV solar panels

the output efficiency of solar panels
the output efficiency of solar panels

It is a place that affects the quality of solar panels. Not all solar panels are the same. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels (the most commonly used in residential installation) wattage ranging from each panel around 150 w to 370 w, depending on the size of the panels and efficiency (ability) panels convert sunlight into energy, as well as battery technology.

Positive no solar cell of the grid lines, for example, absorb more sunlight than batteries, and will not appear satisfied (off). Our battery structure makes them more solid, more resistant to cracking and corrosion. Compared with being installed in a large inverter on the side of the RV, each panel microinverter can be optimized on the source of power conversion.

Due to the quality and efficiency of the difference being very big, it is difficult to generalize what solar panels for you, or your RV how many solar panels. The main harvest is, the higher the efficiency of the panel, the more they can produce the wattage, and you are on the roof of the same energy output power is less. Traditional solar panels each panel typically produce about 250 watts of power, with different levels of efficiency. To calculate how much you need for solar panels, please send your watts per hour requirements (see question 3) divided by the wattage of solar panels, you need to calculate the total number of panels.

What is the effect of solar panel size

If your roof is small or in abnormal shape, the size of solar panels and quantity is an important factor. Using a large roof area available, maybe you can buy more at the expense of some efficiency and larger panels (lower cost of each panel) in order to achieve your goals energy output. However, if your available roof area is finite, or if it is part of the cover, then being able to use fewer small efficient panels is probably the best way to get maximum power for a long time, finally, save more money for you.

solar panel size
solar panel size

Solar panel size

Today’s typical residential solar panel size is about 65 inches x 39 inches, or 5.4 inches x 3.25 inches, there are some differences between manufacturers.

For decades, these dimensions are more or less stayed the same, but the same covers an area of great changes have taken place in efficiency and output is, the better. In addition, Maxworld Power has the entire system designed for almost no gap between the panel, and use the contact hardware framework and installed to keep the roof area as far as possible compact, efficient, and attractive.

How much does a solar panel weigh

If you plan to install an off the grid solar system package, understanding the weight of the solar panels is another key factor to consider. Understanding the solar panels is to determine the weight of your roof can support the best way to complete the installation.

Although the panel weight varies between brands, most of the panels are about 40 pounds.

Maxworld Power panel is the lightest of all major brands *, some of our panels only 33 pounds. By contrast, in the range of high-end, some traditional panels are up to 50 pounds in weight.

Conclusion: How many RV panels do you need

RV solar panel
RV solar panel

Knowing the answer to that question will make you understand to meet your power needs the number of ideal RV solar panels – or at least a realistic range. Next, professional installation personnel evaluates your roof structure, the Angle of the sun, and other factors, to see if and how you can arrange the correct actual quantity on the roof panel, in order to achieve your daily energy production.

You should also consider net metering because you are considering how much savings and earn from the solar system. Net metering is how your utility company when the sun is shining in produces excess solar energy and then lets you in the evening when using the traditional power grid, extracted from the credit if you do not have excess solar energy stored in a battery storage system.

If you want some solar energy solutions, Just contact us Maxworld Power.

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