How to charge and maintain the lawn mower battery


Here’s what you need to know about properly charging and maintaining a modern lawn mower batteries.

A new generation of electric lawnmowers is drawing people with the promise that they can do their mowing chores without having to buy oil and gas, wear ear protection in the afternoon and swim in the mower’s exhaust fumes.

Environmental consciousness and advances in the performance of electric lawnmowers are convincing more people to buy them as a replacement for their noisy and polluting gasoline-powered ancestors.

But with that choice comes the responsibility to take care of its core component: the lawnmower battery.

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Most riding lawn mowers use 12V batteries, but there are also some models, especially smaller ones that use 6V batteries.

Considering lawn mowers tend to sit for months during the wintertime, it’s normal to expect a lawn mower battery to last three or four years. If you’ve confirmed with your DMM that the battery and connections are weak, then it’s likely time for a new lawn mower battery.

Most riding lawn mower uses 12-volt batteries – the same batteries found on most automotive and vehicles. Some batteries can run at a higher voltage, usually at 36 to 40 volts. These high-voltage batteries are specialized and are only suitable for power electric walk-behind mowers.

Lawnmowers with different batteries

There are at least as many types of battery-powered, cordless, electric lawnmowers as there are gasoline-powered ones.

From fully automatic mowers that criss-cross your yard on their own to riding mowers that can run for hours on a single charge, battery power can do all around your yard.

So what’s different about lawnmower batteries? Mainly in the size, quantity, and charge system.

Hand-held mowers, which comprise about 80% of the market for electric mowers, are powered by rechargeable battery packs. Amplifier Settings, running times, and charging times may vary, but all battery packs need to be removed from the lawnmower and charged using an approved battery charger.

Riding lawn mower battery

Riding mowers can carry multiple large batteries that stay in place while recharging, and they are constructed more like car batteries than the smaller battery packs that power push mowers.

For example, the Ryobi RY48110 uses four 12-volt lead-acid batteries in series.

Charging a cordless electric lawn tractor or riding lawn mower often involves a specified charger cable or charger that plugs into the wall on one side and the mower on the other through the built-in charging port of the mower itself.

The battery on his lawnmower runs for about 90 minutes and takes half that time to recharge.

While one battery is driving the mower, the other battery is charging, so they can be easily turned off to keep his guy mowing.

How to properly charge the lawn mower battery

Each battery-powered lawn mower comes with its charger and instructions on how to make the most of it.

A lot of advice, some of it contradictory, has circulated about whether to leave the battery on the charger at all times and whether to let the battery die completely before charging.

That means keeping the battery charged at 20 percent or more. Discharging it below this value accelerates fading or slow degradation of the battery.

And when charging, disconnect when reaching 100%.

Routine lawn mower battery maintenance keeps them trouble-free

During the regular summer mowing season, the average homeowner might cut the grass once a week or twice a month.

The biggest problem is keeping them dry and keeping the mowing table clean so the motor can run more efficiently and the battery can last longer.

And when it comes to batteries, there are a few simple maintenance tips that will keep them powering your Saturday lawn care regimen for years to come.

Precautions for charging the lawn mower battery

Lawn mower battery Do:

Be sure to choose lawn mower batteries and chargers from the original manufacturer, which have been carefully designed to work with the appropriate tools.

Transport and store batteries away from metal objects such as keys, coins, screws, and nails. The same is true for liquids. These can connect the positive and negative terminals and short-circuit the battery.

Take out the lawn mower battery when storing tools.

Keep the battery dry, clean, and free of grease.

Monitor battery performance. Discontinue use if the battery overheats are damaged or modified.

Be sure to protect battery terminals. Terminals are the battery’s weak point, where water, dust, and dirt can get in. Store the battery in a place where the terminal is protected.

How Long does It Take to Charge A Lawn Mower Battery

Lawn mower Battery Don't

Don’t throw the battery in the trash. Always comply with local regulations and collect batteries at local recycling centers.

Do not charge the battery at a temperature that is too hot or too cold. This will shorten the battery life. Different manufacturers and products set different temperature limits, which can be found in their user manuals.

Do not place the battery near fire or heat, including the indicator light, which increases the chance of explosion.

Do not charge the battery in a damp place.

Do not attempt to bypass any safety or control device to change the voltage rate at which the battery is charged.

Lawn mower battery life cycle

Eventually, no matter how much you care for it, your lawn mower’s battery will die.

But that can last so long that homeowners don’t have to worry about running out of batteries, just putting them back in the charger.

Most of Spaceflight Power’s batteries have been in continuous daily use over the years. That’s how you know when the battery is starting to die. If you used to be able to cut grass for 90 minutes on a full charge and now you can cut grass for 50 minutes, be prepared to invest in new batteries.

"Lawn mower battery won't last that long"

The biggest thing you’ll see when it starts to wear out is that it doesn’t last that long. Old batteries become more resistive internally and have to work harder to achieve the same amount of output.

Batteries also have a certain amount of self-discharge, sometimes called “leakage current” or “parasitic current”.

This means that a fully charged battery slowly dies when the charger is turned off. However, the discharge occurs slowly. It may leak only a few percent per month. So if you leave a fully charged battery in the garage during the winter, it won’t die if it lasts only 50 minutes during the first cut in the spring. No need for a trickle charger. Simply put the battery back in the charger until it is fully charged for the first cut of the season.


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