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Advantages of Solar Battery Use

Is solar energy worthwhile?

Yes! Solar panels are an excellent investment because they pay for themselves. You may have years of trouble-free operation by selecting a high-quality solar system from a reputable, licenced, and insured solar installation business like Maxworldpower Technologies.

What is the solar energy payback period?

How much of the system’s electricity is used in your home rather than exported to the grid will determine how long it takes for solar to pay for itself in terms of system size, cost, power output, and consumption habits. To determine your system’s payback period, you can go over the data with your Maxworldpower Technologies specialist. In general, a 6.6kW system in NSW will generate close to 9,600kWh of electricity annually in accordance with the recommendations of the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The system can save you $1,200 a year if you use 65% of the energy produced at a cost of 29 cents per kWh and export the remaining 35% to the grid at a cost of 10 cents per kWh.

How soon will my finances be saved by the solar system?

You’ll start saving money right now thanks to your solar system. You will save 30c for each kWh of energy you use from the system, so keep that in mind. Your energy provider must install a net metre for you in order to be eligible for your feed-in tariff for any extra power you generate and return to the grid. Following the installation of your solar system, you must get in touch with your service provider to arrange for the net metre installation. The ability to measure your electricity exports and receive the feed-in tariff will be available once this is installed.

Is going solar the best option for my family?

Your Maxworldpower Technologies expert will examine your power bills, talk with you about your household’s usage habits, and run the numbers with you to determine whether solar is the best option for your home.

How do solar cells function?

Very thin silicon crystal wafer modules are used in solar panels. The silicon atoms are excited when sunlight hits the silicon wafers, releasing electrons and generating power. The sun provides free energy!

What size solar panel system can I install on my home?

Your electrical system’s single- or three-phase configuration will determine how this works. According to CEC regulations, single phase residences are only allowed to have a 5kW inverter, which supports solar systems with a maximum capacity of 6.6kW. Larger solar installations are supported by domestic electrical systems with three phases. To meet the power requirements of larger properties, several of our customers build 20 and 30kW systems.

Do I need to install solar panels before I mend or replace my roof?

If you have serious roof problems, the answer is yes because solar panels last for 20 to 30 years. It may be necessary to perform some maintenance before installation if your roof is in good shape. We advise having the roof cleaned if there are tiles that are mildewed-covered.

Will my roof support solar energy?

As we have mounting brackets and systems for tile and metal roofs, the majority of roof types are viable for solar. On shallowly pitched roofs, tilt frame mounts are an option. Ballast mounting is used on flat concrete slab roofs so that waterproof membranes are not in jeopardy. Your consultant from Maxworldpower Technologies will evaluate your roof and give you appropriate advice.

What size solar array do I require?

In most cases, a 6 or 6.6kW system is adequate for families. In order to determine what size system will work best for your needs, your Maxworldpower Technologies specialist will examine your power bill and consumption trends. Nowadays, solar is typically so inexpensive that you should sometimes just install as many panels as you can (6.6KW) due to the slight price difference.

Which is more crucial, having decent panels or a good inverter?

Both are crucial. The extended expected lifetime of the panels makes good panel quality crucial. Over the course of the system, low-quality panels might cost you thousands of dollars in lost output.

Are solar panels upkeep-intensive?

It’s critical to keep the panels clean. They self-clean with rain because the majority of residential solar panels are positioned with the roof’s pitch. It is a good idea to get the panels cleaned once or twice a decade if you detect bird droppings or unclean areas on them. Excellent panels, like as those installed by Maxworldpower Technologies, will provide you with trouble-free service.

I wish to have no power bills at all

Your bill might be nearly $0 if you use a solar battery and an appropriately sized solar system together.  The majority of solar systems that are built are grid-connected, so even if the solar system completely meets your energy needs, your energy provider will still bill you for network access, which may be covered by the feed-in tariff from your power exports.

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