12V Lithium-ion battery, Questions and Answers


1. How do I turn on the Maxworld Power 12-volt lithium battery?

The shelf mode of the Maxworld Power 12v 100ah lithium battery is shipped. Please activate this 12v lithium battery with a charge/discharge current larger than 1A before using it for the first time, and check the terminal voltage for accuracy. Please unplug the 12v lithium batteries from the system before extended storage. After 24 hours, the battery will automatically switch to shelf mode. The battery can maintain a charge for a longer time in shelf mode because it self-discharges slowly.

12V Lithium-ion battery, Questions and Answers

2. What should I do if a lithium-ion battery with a 12-volt, 100 amp hour capacity shuts off due to a low state of charge (SoC)?

The battery should be charged when the SOC hits 50% because charging tends to slow down beyond the 20 to 80% SOC range. By maintaining the battery’s SOC at the proper level, you can protect the internal environment of the lithium 100ah battery and increase its life. If your battery is cut off owing to a low state of charge, please unplug the battery from loads and charge it as soon as you can. Otherwise, the battery can sustain permanent harm.

3. Why is LiFePO4 more secure than other forms of lithium batteries?

The most secure kind of lithium batteries are LiFePO4 batteries.

When compared to Lithium-ion technology built with alternative cathode materials, phosphate-based technology offers higher safety qualities due to its improved thermal and chemical stability.When compared to other varieties, LifePO4 has a much higher thermal runaway temperature, around 270°C as opposed to as low as 150°C.

Comparing LiFePO4 to other alternatives, it is also more resistant to chemical reactions.

4. How do NMC and LiFePO4 vary from one another?

Amped Outdoors sells A – NMC batteries, which are a more particular energy form of lithium. Both portability and ice fishing were targeted uses. Never charge NMC outdoors, in a boat, or leave it there. Authentic LiFePO4 replacement for 12.8V SLA.

5. The most batteries I can connect to is how many?

Please connect your lithium-ion 12-volt batteries in parallel; a maximum of 8 batteries should be connected. You can accomplish parallel safely with the help of the automatic battery balancing system.

6. For the battery's condition, how can I check it?

With this lithium 12-volt battery’s integrated Bluetooth module, you can quickly check the battery’s status on your smartphone using the special App. Maxworld Power can be added in the meanwhile to monitor not only your lithium batteries but also your full 12v solar system, allowing you to manage all of your energy from one convenient location.

7. How can low temperatures be maintained without damaging a lithium-iron phosphate battery?

If you purchase a Maxworld Power lithium-iron-phosphate battery without a self-heating feature, be sure to charge it promptly and at the proper temperature to avoid overcharging the battery.

8. What do I need to understand to parallel connect several batteries?

Keep ALL cords the same length (from the positive end to the negative end) when designing a parallel connection for several batteries. Battery cables (available separately) ought to be of the right size to support the anticipated load. Additionally, it is advised to connect batteries using flexible busbars or specialized cables.

Batteries should not be connected in series. NEVER combine batteries with various chemistries.

For parallel expansion, kindly use batteries with the same voltage and capacity. For instance, if this lithium-ion battery has a 12V 100ah rating, you need also to use a lithium battery with a similar rating for parallel expansion.

9. What should I do after receiving it?

Please be informed that depending on how it was transported and stored, your battery may arrive with a low State of Charge (SOC). We advise charging the battery as soon as possible to ensure its best performance and prevent over-discharge. We advise charging the battery to a SOC of 30% to 50% and doing maintenance every three months if you intend to store the battery for an extended period without using it. These actions will aid in preserving its performance and usefulness over time.

10. How should I store my battery when it isn't in use?

Never store a depleted battery. It is ideal to charge your battery to 50% capacity and keep it cool and dry while not using it for an extended period. Charge your battery at least once every two to three months to ensure the best performance from it over many years. Never leave your battery on a charger or charge it below freezing. Instead, store your battery between 40 and 80 degrees.

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