Lithium-ion batteries were developed within the 1970s and 1st commercialized by Sony in 1991 for the company’s hand-held video recorder. These days everything you see is battery-powered by batteries from smartphones to electric cars to even the International space platform, which makes exaggerated battery safety all the additional crucial.

In 2008, Tesla undraped the Roadster creating it the primary auto company to commercialize a powered electrical vehicle. By 2025, the worldwide lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery market is predicted to succeed at USD 100.4 billion, over five hundredths of which is able to be used for the automotive market.

what are lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are primary batteries that have metallic lithium as an anode. These types of batteries are also referred to as lithium-metal batteries.

Why lithium battery fire

Lithium battery catches fire
Lithium battery catches fire

Producing Defects

Flaws in production will cause metallic particles (impurities) to run into the lithium-ion cell throughout the producing method. Battery makers have to be compelled to guarantee strictly controlled cleanrooms for producing batteries.

Another defect can be the cutting of separators that might prove damaging in actual use. Cells ought to endure strict quality-control tests and validation before being sold.

Design Flaws

Car firms need to style their cars as sleek and slim whereas giving the most variety and performance. These necessities push battery pack makers to come back up with compact styles by packing high-capacity cells into a smaller body, messing with using otherwise well-built batteries.

Compromising on the look will cause harm to the electrodes or the apparatus. Either of them might end in a brief circuit. Further, the absence of a correct cooling system or vent will cause battery temperatures to rise because the combustible solution heats up.

If uncontrolled, it might end in a series reaction of cell failures, inflicting the battery to heat up even additional and spiral out of management.

Abnormal or Improper Usage

External factors like keeping the battery terribly getting ready to a heat supply or close to a fireplace will cause lithium battery explosion. Penetrating the battery pack either deliberately or through an accident is absolute to cause a brief circuit and also the battery to conflagrate. That’s why the unauthorized acts of the battery pack in electrical vehicles end up in the lapse of assurance.

Users are suggested to solely get the batteries checked and repaired from the automobile maker’s licensed service centers. Even high-voltage charging or excessive discharging of the battery might harm it.

Charger problems

Using poorly insulated chargers will harm the battery. If the charger shorts or generates heat close to the battery, it will do enough harm to cause failure.

While lithium-ion batteries have intrinsic protections to prevent them from overcharging, using unofficial chargers will harm the battery in the future.

Lithium battery charger
Lithium battery charger

Low-quality elements

In addition to producing defects, using low-quality elements is one of every of the very best causes of battery failures. Increasing competition is driving the costs of batteries down, inflicting battery makers to chop corners wherever they should not. By skimping on poor quality natural philosophy just like the battery management system, the chance of battery failure will increase.

The battery management system is crucial to battery safety and performance. It protects the battery pack from operational outside of its safe operating space. As batteries are kinda a high-value part of an electrical vehicle or energy storage system, it’s essential to take a position during a sensible battery management system that will observe cell failures like a shot and forestall the lithium batteries exploding.

What to Do When lithium battery fire

What to Do When lithium battery fire
What to Do When lithium battery fire

If you notice the lithium ions batteries overheat, attempt moving the device far away from combustible materials and cutting off the present provide. If you’re in an electrical vehicle, you ought to like a shot evacuate and ne’er plan to extinguish atomic battery fires yourself. Your health and safety are way more vital, decision the emergency services instead.

In the case of a fireplace, a regular first rudiment or before Christ dry chemical extinguisher should be used since these are thought of as category B fireplaces. A typical thought is that atomic number 3-ion batteries contain any actual lithium metal. They don’t and that’s why you shouldn’t use a category D extinguisher.

There are new and improved ways to douse atomic fires moreover. The binary compound Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) may be a fireplace conclusion agent that disperses with chemicals exfoliated vermiculite within the type of a mist. However, larger lithium battery on fire as that of EVs or ESS may have to give out. Using water with copper material is effective however is expensive.

Battery Safety specialists advise using water even for big lithium battery fires. Fires like these could burn for days and it’s vital to isolate them from combustible materials and forestall them from increasing.


Battery pack manufacturers ought to adopt a no-compromise approach to battery safety. Lithium-Ion batteries are often created safer by creating them ‘smart’. By building a layer of intelligence into the batteries, we have a tendency to cannot simply diagnose but conjointly predict abnormal usage or performance of the battery. It can facilitate the North American nations to take timely action, stop harm to the system, and guarantee battery safety.


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