At present, solar street light lithium batteries includes lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries. Among them, the use of lithium batteries for solar street lights can quickly occupy the market due to some of its own advantages. Let’s take a look at why solar street light lithium battery are widely used?

The working principle and structure of solar street light lithium battery

The working principle of solar street light 12v 42ah Lifepo4 Battery  is actually a kind of lithium concentration difference inserted battery, the positive and negative electrodes are composed of two different lithium compounds. When charging, Li+ is extracted from the positive electrode and inserted into the negative electrode through the electrolyte. The negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state and the positive electrode is in a lithium-poor state. At the same time, the compensation charge of electrons is supplied from the external circuit to the carbon negative electrode to ensure the charge balance of the negative electrode. When discharging, Li+ is extracted from the negative electrode and inserted into the positive electrode through the electrolyte, and the positive electrode is in a lithium-rich state. Under normal charge and discharge conditions, lithium ions are inserted and extracted between layers of layered structured carbon materials and layered structured oxides, generally only causing changes in the distance between the layers without destroying the crystal structure. During the charging and discharging process, the chemical structure of the material of the negative electrode is unchanged. Therefore, from the perspective of the reversibility of charging and discharging, the 12v 42ah Lifepo4 Battery  reaction is an ideal reversible reaction.

The tubular battery

 installations have an external hanging type and an underground type. It is best to install on the 6-meter high solar street light if use the external hanging type, and there should be no climbing objects close to the solar street lights. But pay attention to theft prevention; It is better to pay attention to waterproofing if use the underground type. The cement ground should be dense and the effect is better.

Nowadays, solar lithium battery technology is very mature. Regardless of the price of solar street lights or the effect of use, solar street light manufacturers believe that the use of lithium batteries has more advantages. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the characteristics of pollution-free, long life, no memory effect, more charge and discharge times, and longer life.

The advantages of solar street light lithium battery:

1. Power supply mode:

Lithium battery 24V 120AH storage capacity, higher than lead-acid battery 12V 200AH storage capacity, lithium battery can be fully charged, lithium battery life is 3 to 5 times that of the lead-acid gel battery.Sometimes, lithium car battery can also play an important role.

2. Annual maintenance cost:

The life of lead-acid batteries is 2 to 3 years, the overall life of lithium batteries is 8 to 10 years, and the life of lithium batteries is 10 years. There is almost no maintenance cost. Usually after 5 years of use of solar batteries, due to the attenuation of the capacity, the daily turn-off time of solar street lights will be advanced and the lighting time of rainy days will be reduced. These are normal phenomena. For solar street lights, the most important components are battery panels and batteries, so the service life of 12v 42ah Lifepo4 Batteries directly affects the life of the entire street light.

3. Environmental protection:

Lead-acid batteries produce serious pollution, lead-acid batteries cannot be recycled, heavy metal pollution is serious, and non-environmental-friendly batteries; lithium batteries are environmentally-friendly batteries, and lithium is a light element that is harmless to humans.

4. Low self-discharge and no memory effect:

In the production of lithium batteries, adding a protective plate to the tubular battery can make the lithium battery have an overcharge and over-discharge effect. The lithium battery itself has high power endurance.

At present, energy storage lithium batteries are widely used in the solar street lights market. However, due to market confusion, some consumers often buy poor-quality lithium batteries. Therefore, how to judge the quality of solar street light lithium battery.Sometimes, the lithium battery price is also a very important factor.

Lithium battery detection:

1.Shape detection: widening, thickness, TTV, perpendicularity, warpage, and chamfering.

2.Electrical performance testing, including conductivity type, resistivity, and a lifetime of few births.

3.Appearance inspection: hidden cracks (infrared flaw detection), cracks, perforations, crystallites, line marks, crystal breakouts, chipping, and chipping.

4.Impurity analysis: Impurity oxygen and carbon content analysis.


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