Sleep mode happens once a lithium-ion battery is under-charged. it is a rationalization for concern in and of itself batteries unit assumed to be useless by the ultimate public and discarded as a results of the charger largely renders the battery to be unserviceable. However, a sleep mode shouldn’t be a rationalization for concern as some analyzers and chargers (Vencon and Cadex) have featured a carry and wake-up feature to activate such batteries. The boost activates the protection circuit by applying a touch charge voltage. It makes it possible for a charger to charge typically countless so once the proper cell voltage is applied.

How to wake a sleeping Lithium ion Battery pack

Before deciding to discard off a purportedly dead lithium ion motorcycle battery, let’s take a glance at ways that of how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery pack.

Step 1: Browse the voltage.

First of all, you’d prefer to verify if your lithium-ion battery has some charge remaining. Begin by turning off the facility give to the device and removing the battery. Employing a meter, take a voltage reading to examine whether or not or not or not the battery has any juice. As associate degree example, if your battery’s rate is at 4.0 v and in addition the meter shows a attempt of 0 v, it’s going to be in sleep mode.

Voltage testing
Voltage testing

While doing this, confine mind that completely utterly completely different makers can cause the battery to trip sleep mode at variable levels of voltage. Therefore, it’s sensible to inform yourself together with your battery’s capability to be able to wake it up.

Step 2: Attach with a charger.

Using Associate in nursing acceptable charger, connect the battery for variety of minutes whereas keeping a watch on that to search out if there unit any signs of harm and healing. Use a charger with the ”boost” or ”wake up” feature.

Keep in mind that it’s not sensible to spice up a lithium-ion battery that a voltage of 1.5 and below. It’s as a results of battery that has been under-charged for associate in nursing extended amount may need developed copper shunts which is able to cause electrical shorts. These shorts unit what usually cause heating in batteries and should cause associate in nursing explosion.

Step 3: Browse the voltage once again.

Check the voltage employing a meter. Succeeding reading than before suggests that the boost is running, identical voltage would mean the strategy was unsuccessful, and you bought to excogitate shopping for a completely unique battery. Check that you check your charger’s manual to grasp once the strategy would be complete. Note that battery revival might not often deliver the products success.

Step 4: Charge and discharge the battery.

If the boost worked, you’ll presently connect the lithium-ion battery to its charger and charge it totally.

Charge and discharge

Step 5: Freeze the battery.

In associate in nursing airtight bag freed from condition, put li-ion battery in freezer for a full day once totally charging and later permit the battery to relax till rebuilt to the initial temperature. It happens among five to ten hours.

Step 6: Charge the battery.

Connect the battery to a charging system and charge it totally. Following up these processes might convince be boring as a results of it wishes lots of patience and safety precautions. As a private, it’s a private varied. you’ll even excogitate taking the battery to knowledgeable to service it properly.

How to Prevent a Lithium-ion Battery pack Falling Asleep

Li-ion batteries contain a protection circuit that shields the battery against abuse. This vital safeguard along turns the battery off and makes it unusable if over-discharged. slippery into sleep mode will happen once storing a Li-ion pack throughout a discharged state for any length of your time as self-discharge would step by step pay the remaining charge. Betting on the manufacturer, the protection circuit of a Li-ion cuts off between an attempt of two and a pair of.9V/cell (See BU-802b: Elevated Self-discharge)

Some battery chargers and analyzers (including Cadex), feature a wake-up feature or “boost” to activate and recharge batteries that have fallen asleep. Whereas not this provision, a charger renders these batteries unserviceable and in addition the packs would be discarded. Boost applies a touch charge current to activate the protection circuit associate degreed if an correct cell voltage is reached, the charger starts a regular charge.

Sleep Mode of a Lithium-ion Battery pack.

Sleep mode of a lithium-ion battery
Sleep mode of a lithium-ion battery

Some over-discharged batteries is “boosted” to life over again. Discard the pack if the voltage doesn’t rise to a regular level among a flash whereas on boost.

Do not boost lithium-based batteries back to life that have dwelled below one.5V/cell for per week or longer. Copper shunts would possibly would like designed at intervals the cells which may result in a partial or total electrical short. once recharging, such a cell would possibly become unstable, inflicting excessive heat or show varied anomalies. The Cadex “boost” operate halts the charge if the voltage doesn’t rise generally.

When boosting battery, assure correct polarity. Advanced chargers and battery analyzers won’t service battery if placed in reverse polarity. A sleeping Li-ion doesn’t reveal the voltage, and boosting got to be finished awareness. Li-ion might be a heap of delicate than varied systems and a voltage applied in reverse will cause permanent injury.

Storing lithium-ion batteries presents some uncertainty. On one end, makers suggest keeping them at a state-of-charge of 40–50℃, and on the choice finish there’s the priority of losing them because of over-discharge (See BU-702: the because of Store Batteries) there’s ample metric between these criteria and if unsure, keep the battery at succeeding charge throughout a cool place.


Following educated these processes might convince be boring as a results of it wishes lots of patience and safety precautions. As a private, it’s a private varied. You’ll even excogitate taking the battery to knowledgeable to service it properly.

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