Lead-acid batteries are one of the foremost common chemistry energy storage devices and square measure utilized in a spread of applications, from cars to submarines and plenty of alternative applications in between.

Our space of experience lies in industrial applications like self-propelled vehicle truck lead acid batteries and we specialize in a way to maximize the performance of the batteries to match and even reach the far side of the lifetime of the trucks themselves.

In these applications, the typical secure period of a basic lead-acid battery is around 1,500 cycles. The life of batteries is entirely variable. It depends on how it’s managed, monitored, and maintained.

Truck lead acid batteries
The lead-acid battery in the truck

What is the life of Batteries

Batteries gradually deteriorate until they can no longer provide enough power to start an engine. This wear time could take three to five years and a vehicle’s usage pattern is one factor contributing to the rate at which a battery will age.

How to increase the life of Batteries

Don’t let your battery fully drain.

Letting a battery discharge below two-hundredth for long periods of your time will cause sulfation to occur. If sulfation starts to accumulate, it’ll block the lepton flow, inflicting a delay and additionally prolonging the charging time, drastically reducing the productivity of the battery and its period.

To prevent A battery from fully exhausting, it’s crucial to follow associate correct maintenance schedule associated monitor battery charge levels closely ne’er rental it discharges below two-hundredth for an extended amount of your time.

Don’t overcharge the battery.

Charging an accumulator at associated excessive voltage can scale back its water levels and increase the temperature of the battery. As water levels decrease and temperatures rise, severe harm will occur to the battery, negatively touching its productivity and longevity.

In addition, the frequency of charging can have an effect on a battery’s period as each battery contains the most variety of charge cycles it can bear while not losing its potency. Thereupon in mind, it’s not necessary to charge a battery at each time period chance, like each charge, you meet up with to reaching that most variety of charge batteries life cycles which can expedite the necessity to exchange that battery.

To prevent overcharging a battery or charging it too typically, it’s crucial that you simply square measure alert to the right charging pointers selected for every kind of battery. Using a battery management device, you’ll be able to guarantee every battery is receiving the correct quantity of charge at the correct times.

Don’t overload the equipment.

Every battery contains a specific pound load rate. If a self-propelled vehicle picks up a load larger than the desired weight of the battery powering the self-propelled vehicle, it’ll force the battery to provide a lot of currents than it absolutely was designed for. The rise in current may result in warmth, inflicting important harm to the battery.

To ensure you ne’er overload your instrumentation, each operator should remember the allowed load weight for every battery powering that instrumentation thus no battery abuse happens.

Don’t store batteries in extreme conditions.

battery in Extreme cold weather
Extreme cold weather

The temperature of the situation wherever batteries square measure holds on contains a real impact on battery performance and sturdiness. For batteries to perform at their best, they ought to behold on in a cool, dry place with the best temperature being around 59℉ (15℃). To make sure your batteries square measure hold on in the associate best setting and avoid places with direct daylight or near freezers.

Keep the battery clean

It’s vital to continuously clean a battery directly once any overspills to avoid any acidic damage to each battery and setting. If left untouched, the harm from a spill can solely still aggravate over time, dramatically reducing the life of batteries. A maintenance protocol ought to be in situ to ensure every battery is completely checked sporadically for any spilled residuals.

Clean lead acid batteries
Clean lead-acid battery

Guarantee water levels are unbroken at their ideal level outlined by the manufacturers’ directions.

Batteries need a daily watering service to perform properly. If water levels square measure too low, there might not be enough water to hide the plates before a charge. If water levels square measure too high, this may cause associate overflow within the battery which might result in damage. Additionally to maintaining correct water levels, it’s additionally vital to continuously use clean water.

To make certain your water levels stay at their ideal level, you’ll be able to utilize battery management devices that monitor the solution and water levels so you’re notified if levels ever get too low or too high.

Equalize lead-acid batteries when it’s time.

The longer you use a battery, there a lot of unbalanced the chemicals within it becomes. In lead-acid batteries, sulfate coatings will begin to accumulate over time reducing the capability of the battery and even rendering the battery unusable in extreme cases. Equalization, which is just a deliberate overcharge, is a common practice used to prevent and remove any sulfate buildup.

To maintain a healthy battery and avoid the buildup of sulfate, specialists counseled equalizing your batteries once a month to once or doubly a year, betting on how typically your battery is employed.


The batteries lifespan is entirely variable.

We perceive that it will be troublesome and long to follow each of those steps, particularly once you have a warehouse or distribution center packed with instrumentation and operators absorbing the bulk of your attention and time. If you want to know more about lead acid battery life, feel free to contact me.

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