As long as there is enough electricity, a solar backup generator can be used while charging. However, using solar power will slow down the charging process because the energy is running out. The equipment you want to use with the generator must not exceed the remaining power, and charging is unlikely to keep up with demand.

Why use a solar backup generator while charging

where can solar generator be used
where can solar generators be used

There are many reasons why you might want to use a solar backup generator or power station while charging. Let’s review some of them now.


You shouldn’t leave your home without charging your portable solar panels, and the same rule applies to solar power stations. Charging a portable solar panel is pretty fast (we have tricks for making it faster), but a generator takes a while. A solar backup generator the size of a house can actually take hours to charge.

So if there is a sudden power outage, you may need to run a generator. Suppose you are camping and need to make an emergency call. You will see that the battery is low. What do you do? You plug it into a solar backup generator and use it, even though the generator is charging.


Another reason is that people want to do it. Almost all of us have used our phones or tablets at one time or another while charging. You go fishing and have a good time. Then you need to use your phone, laptop, lamp, etc. The generator is charging, but there is still enough power to run the equipment. Should you do this? Unless the manual explicitly forbids running solar backup generators while charging, there should be no problem.

Forget to charge

No one is perfect and we forget things. Suppose you forgot to charge your generator before you left the house. So now you charge it, but something goes wrong and you need to use your phone. The battery is low, so you plug it into a generator, let it charge, and use it.

You don’t need to fully charge your phone or any device. You just want to give it enough power to do what needs to be done. When there is enough power, unplug it from the generator and allow the system to continue charging. Most solar chargers can do this, including Maxworld portable Power Station 330W.

How do you charge a solar backup generator

what application can it be used
what application can it be used

So, we’ve discussed a number of reasons why you need to use a power station while charging. Whether it’s a portable generator for outdoor use or a large power station for home backup, you have many ways to charge and recharge.

A. The solar panels

Not surprisingly, one way to charge a solar backup generator is to use solar panels. Some generators have built-in solar panels. If so, simply point the solar panel at the sun (make sure the Angle is correct) and let the sun do the work.

If your generator does not have integrated solar panels, it should have an output. Obtain a solar panel compatible with the generator and insert it. The indicator light will light up to let you know it is charging.

B. Ac power socket and/or DC power socket

The solar backup generator can be charged from a wall AC outlet. To charge with ac, plug the generator into a wall outlet as you would any regular appliance. You can do the same thing if you have dc power outlets.

AC/DC charging has pros and cons. The biggest advantage is that it’s faster than solar panels. Portable solar backup generators should not take too long to charge. The downside is that you can’t use these outlets outdoors. Unless you have an RV, you will not be able to do any AC/DC charging in the suburbs. That’s where solar panel charging comes in.

But you don’t have to choose one. Charge your generator at home from an AC or DC source. Take it out when fully charged and charge it outdoors using a solar panel. Again, keep in mind that some power stations do not include solar panels, so buy one first. Each generator varies in the specification, so make sure it is the correct solar panel size and rating. If the solar panel is too small, it won’t be able to charge the generator.

How to choose solar generator
How to choose a solar generator

C. Car charger

12V lighters are another charging option, although they are not as common as AC/DC and solar panel sockets. If your power station provides it, you can charge it in your car or any vehicle equipped with a 12V lighter. However, car chargers are usually found on portable solar chargers, not generators.

D. Battery extension

This isn’t technically a charge, but it is to some extent because battery expansion increases the power of the solar backup generator.

A solar backup generator is basically a large battery with a capacity of hundreds or kilowatts. Some models go further and allow stacking. You can stack solar cells on top of a generator to increase its power. It’s a bit like building a solar array with several photovoltaic modules, but here you do it with batteries.

If the generator is charging, you can stack multiple batteries in the system. This will increase the power of the system and let you use the device. Stack enough batteries and you can use the generator to charge without slowing down.

Keep in mind that not all solar backup generators allow battery connections/stacks. You can do this with a Maxworld solar backup generator, but other power stations may not have this feature. If you find yourself needing more than one battery, check that this feature is available. But you’re unlikely to need it just to use other devices unless it’s something big like an air conditioner. Solar backup generators can run air conditioning at the right specifications.

the advantages of maxworld outdoor portable station
the advantages of maxworld outdoor portable station


Solar backup generators, whether portable or home backup, are only going to get better. Even as prices fall, their power continues to grow. Using a solar backup generator while charging it won’t damage it, but be prepared to wait. Unless it is an emergency, we recommend resting the generator while charging.

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