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Everything You Need to Know About Caravan lithium battery installation

lithium batteries for caravan

Everything You Need to Know About Caravan Lithium Battery Installation A lot of complications and false information regarding installing caravan lithium batteries in an RV obscure certain obvious truths. While some people might benefit from converting their RV to lithium, others would not. Our explanation on how to install a caravan lithium polymer battery can enlighten […]

What fish finder battery do you need

Maxworld fish finder

What fish finder battery do you need Have a fish finder to locate underwater schools of fish with reflected sound energy to make fishing even better! You just need a way to reliably power it. If you want the best fish finder battery, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re confused about the type of fish […]

Lithium marine batteries dominate liveaboard sailing

Lithium batteries dominate liveaboard sailing

Liveaboards offer the freedom of motorhome or van life, along with the beautiful scenery and exhilarating excursions of sailing – and they’re becoming more popular every day. Like other full-time travelers, liveaboarders have to deal with maintaining various home systems on the go—including their power supply. Enter lithium marine batteries. This convenient and practical technology […]

The difference between Marine dual-use battery, deep cycle battery, and starter battery

The difference between Marine dual-use battery, deep cycle battery, and starter battery

Overview: Boat battery comes in three main types, including deep cycle, start, and dual-use. If you’re a new fisherman, or boat owner, or interested in upgrading your boat to lithium batteries, you might be curious about the difference. Also, you may be wondering why lithium batteries are better for your boat than lead-acid batteries. Some […]

The distinction between group 31 marine battery and automotive battery

group 31 marine battery

Overview: Those unaccustomed to the boating world, or maybe seasoned boaters, might surprise sometimes why they must pay the additional effort and additional greenbacks on a marine battery rather than using a good old automotive battery. Though automotive batteries don’t seem to be essentially designed for the task, what’s the real harm? An automotive battery […]

Why boaters choose the 36v lithium marine battery

主-Why boaters choose lithium for their marine batteries

Why boaters choose the 36V lithium marine battery? Marine batteries have two basic purposes: to start gas or diesel engines, and/or to power the ships’ electric motors or other electronic devices. In either case, you want the battery to last for many years and be reliable every time you leave the docking station. When you […]

How to choose the appropriate 36v lithium marine battery

主-lithium battery for Rv car

How to choose the appropriate lithium marine battery? With a lithium marine battery, you can spend more time on the water. There are numerous reasons why more and more sailors are switching to lithium marine batteries. Prepare yourself for a long, wonderful day on the lake by getting packed. then discover the battery is dead. Someone […]