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12 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Battery 12v 10ah LiFePO4

When it comes to 12-volt rechargeable storage batteries, two primary types are currently used, Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion. Lead-acid batteries have been around for a long time, while Lithium-ion is the newer technology. There are many types of Lead-acid batteries, so let’s start by taking a look at them first.

Maxworldpower is a custom Rechargeable 12v lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in China. We have in stock small and compact 12v lithium battery pack, capacity from 6000mah, 7000mah, 9000mah, 12000mah, 36000mah, with PVC or Plastic casing, they are widely used for LED lights, portable power station, solar power system & even off-grid systems.

Of course, 12-volt lithium deep cycle batteries are rechargeable. A lithium battery is a kind of rechargeable battery. This is an advanced battery technology, which uses lithium ions as its key component in electrochemistry. In order to generate energy, lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode through the electrolyte.

Make a 12-volt rechargeable lithium battery pack that produces 3.7 or 3.2 volts, depending on the type of battery and the chemicals it uses. To make batteries with higher voltages, manufacturers link identical batteries in a series circuit.

12v Rechargeble LiFePO4 Battery
12v Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery

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About 12 volt Lithium/LiFePO4 Battery

Strongly Built: In recommended conditions, our LiFePO4 Batteries provide 2,000+ cycles. Only 500 cycles are available in a standard Lead-Acid battery. Maxworld Lithium batteries last so long that they cost a fraction of the price of regular batteries peruse.

What You Receive: Our premium LiFePO4 battery outperforms standard SLA batteries by providing 200 percent more power, half the weight, charging 5 times faster, and lasting 4 times longer. Our batteries come with a long-time “Best Warranty in the Industry” and courteous Customer/Technical Support.

Best for: Fish Finder, Ice Fishing, Camping, Solar Lighting, Home Alarm Systems, E-Scooters, and applications in Extreme Temperatures (our battery operates well down to -20’F).

Smart Electronics: All Maxworld lithium batteries come with a Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates cell balancing, low and high voltage cutoff, short-circuiting, and temperature protection for improved performance and longevity. The average SLA cycle is 500. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that they cost a fraction of the price of regular batteries.