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Professional LiFePO4 battery supplier

Maxworld Power Limited is a subsidiary of Spaceflight Power Supply (Longnan) Co. Ltd., a core value division of Spaceflight Power Group, focusing on new energy and lithium batteries.

Founded in 1994, we, Maxworld Power have devoted over 30 years in product development in batteries field. We have professional experience and integrated solution services in the power storage application industry to further cater for the demands of the era of smart green energy. We always believe that energy powers the future, and Maxworld is ready to become your trusted partner and provide you with OEM service and perfect smart power energy system solutions.


12-36V Lithium iron phosphate battery Bank series are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)Battery
with compatible SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)battery housing.

Lifepo4 are nearly 4times as powerful as SLA and can provide more time of use.

Low Self-discharge
A low discharge rate means less worry when stored. Battery loses about 2% charge per month! Which is possible due to the nature of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and their high energy density. Meaning a fully charged LIFEPO4 Battery can potentially hold a charge up to 1year

Eco Friendly
Lifepo4 batteries use more abundant and non-toxic materials that can be produced with less energy and are easier to recycle.

Long Service Life
Lifepo4 batteries have a long service life. These batteries will provide you with 2, 500 complete charge and discharge cycles.

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Quality Is Our Top Priority.

Quality monitoring throughout the whole production process to ensure the best quality.

A fully functional QC lab ensures strict quality measures and helps control quality.

Perfect customer feedback and processing mechanism with a professional customer service team.

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Maxworld pride us on our excellent R&D team and strong creativity, with the most advanced facilities, strict ISO standard manufacturing process, efficient management, and the awareness of being a leader in battery industry, committed to manufacturing and design LiFePO4 and lithium batteries and integrated battery packs for green energy storage systems. Focusing on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provide best battery solutions for solar energy storage systems, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V marine and RV energy systems and so on.