Born for creating high-end outdoor portable power station

Focusing on lead-acid batteries to replace green energy, and provide best battery solutions for outdoor portable power station, 48V systems for telecommunication stations, 12 or 24V solar energy storage systems and so on.

Maxworld portable power station


Convenient and worry free

The top of the camping generator is designed as a wireless charger that means you can use our camping battery as a wireless charger.


360 safety protection

Silica gel anti-collision strip protect portable power station generator all-round.


Protective equipment

Pure sine wave inverter safely protect electronic device.


LED lighting

Updated LED light with SOS mode, large irradiation area and radial light ray feature can protect eyes and Illuminate a broad field of vision.


Design fashion

solid handle helps easy carry and easy operate wherever you go.

Maxworld portable power station

It is powerful enough to recharge smartphone 27 times, Mini Tablet 11.5 times, and Floodlight 56 times when it’s fully charged. Perfect mobile power station for home / camping / CPAP / laptop / cameras / drones.

Maxworld portable power station
Maxworld portable power station


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Maxworld is a leading lithium battery cell developer and manufacturer specialize in producing high rate lithium ion battery . Maxworld has accumulated tremendous amounts of know-how through 24 years of persistent endeavor in basic material research and electrochemical technologies. Maxworld is a strong proponent of quality-first philosophy, investing heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control processes to guarantee the consistency and safety of the battery. Today we look forward to your joining us.


Maxworld Power

Maxworld Power Limited is a subsidiary of Spaceflight Power Supply (Longnan) Co. Ltd., a core value division of Spaceflight Power Group, focusing on new energy and lithium batteries.

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